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Yokogawa: empowering digital transformation and creating value with customers

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Core Tip:As one of the first foreign companies to enter China, Yokogawa delivered the first DCS system to China in the late 1970s and has been a trusted partner for Chinese customers for decades. Now that China's economic development has entered a new era, from hi
       As one of the first foreign companies to enter China, Yokogawa delivered the first DCS system to China in the late 1970s and has been a trusted partner for Chinese customers for decades. Now that China's economic development has entered a new era, from high-speed growth to high-quality development, Yokogawa is also innovating, launching digital transformation solutions, and working with industry users to create new value and help them achieve sustainable development.

      Promote the layout of Asia-Pacific business with China as the center

      In the 2016 ARC report, Yokogawa's DCS ranks first in the global chemical market, in addition to its automation products and systems such as DCS, PLC, SCADA, SIS, transmitters, flow meters, etc. Asia's market share ranking is also among the best. This depends mainly on Yokogawa's excellent technology and product quality.

      The Asia Pacific region is one of the most important markets for Yokogawa's global business, and it has maintained its largest market share and industry leadership in the region. As the largest market in China, Yokogawa has already begun to deploy in the last century. In 1979, Yokogawa opened a Beijing resident office and established its first joint venture with China in 1985. Nowadays, its products are well received by users in China's petrochemical and chemical industries, and it is considered to be one of the major foreign industrial automation suppliers, maintaining its leading position in the industry.

      Mr. Hei Shuncon, Director and Executive Vice President of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, told the reporter: “Yokogawa has always valued the Chinese market. In order to support Chinese customers more comprehensively, Yokogawa has established engineering centers in Xi'an, Wuxi and Shanghai.” Dr. Dai Wei, Vice President and CEO of Asia Pacific (and China), further added: "With the development of digital technology, the increasing interconnectivity has made industrial control systems face more network security risks. For industrial enterprises, security technology is the core foundation for building an intelligent manufacturing technology system and a key support for ensuring the security and control of intelligent manufacturing systems. Yokogawa hopes to provide various security solutions from the endpoint to the factory network boundary to solve A major challenge for customers. In addition to the global cybersecurity program, Yokogawa is very concerned about China's cybersecurity market and provides tailor-made security solutions.” He revealed: “Yokogawa is preparing a network security lab in Xi'an. Test function service center (SoC), hope to be a Chinese customer in security Provide more innovative value in all-tech consulting and safety product testing."

      In addition to continuing to increase investment in the Chinese market, Yokogawa is also actively deploying other regions in the Asia Pacific market. It is understood that Yokogawa has opened two innovation-based centers in Singapore: the Cooperative Innovation Center created in 2016 and the In-Space (Innovation Space) that was just established in 2018. Mr. Hiroshi said: “The Cooperative Innovation Center is the center for research and development of specific, cross-functional solutions with customers and partners. In-Space hopes to provide users with an immersive environment for them to experience Yokogawa. A digital transformation solution and consulting services department that meets its specific needs and challenges. In-Space is a complement to the Collaborative Innovation Center, which focuses on developing and implementing digital solutions in the industrial IoT space while creating added value for customers. In addition, he added: "The Yokogawa subsidiary KBC also established the Joint Energy and Sustainability Testing Center in Singapore on October 22, 2018 in response to the Singapore Government's Environmental Sustainability Initiative. Establish and adopt Yokogawa's energy management and optimization system, research and develop next-generation energy analysis applications, and provide KBC cloud-based solutions. We plan to expand the use of the KBC Energy and Sustainability Joint Testing Center for Southeast Asia. Customer service and further expansion in the Asia Pacific region."

      Integrate industry knowledge and digital technology to enable digital transformation of the industry

      Intelligent manufacturing has become a global consensus, and for China, the realization of intelligent manufacturing is the only way to change from “manufacturing power” to “manufacturing power”.

      In Dai Dai's view, smart manufacturing is a large and comprehensive system composed of high-tech, multi-disciplinary, multi-industry and economic knowledge. Although developed countries have been actively investing many years ago, they are still in the development stage. However, China faces many challenges due to relatively late start, coupled with a large market base and uneven levels of enterprise automation technology.

      Mr. Hei Shou specifically talked about the chemical industry. As the society relies on the reduction of oil, changes in HSSE (health, safety, security, environmental) regulations, and the adoption of digital technology, the customer's business environment is changing. To this end, Yokogawa provides solutions that support the entire plant lifecycle improvement from the management to the operational level. In 2017, Yokogawa announced the concept of IA business, SynapticBusiness Automation. On this basis, support customers to transform their business by helping them adapt to change, optimize total expenses (including capital and operating costs), and create new businesses. Hei Shuncon further explained: “Specifically, we will connect everything in the customer organization, such as data, systems and supply chain. At the same time, we will integrate KBC's business and industry knowledge to support the transformation and management of its business processes. Digital.” In addition, as the key to SynapticBusiness Automation, Yokogawa has created the OpreX brand, which covers all of Yokogawa's IA and control business products, services and solutions. He stressed: "Yokogawa will continue to position the chemical industry as one of our top priority areas, integrate its business and industry knowledge with digital automation technology, and innovate with customers to drive the transformation of their business processes and provide new customers. the value of."

      Smart manufacturing is not a one-time thing. Customers need to develop long-term plans to support the realization of smart manufacturing goals. To this end, Yokogawa has designed a roadmap to guide customers in the digital transformation. This roadmap includes: (1) preparation; (2) mastery of the situation; (3) correct decision making; (4) effective operational execution; and (5) continuous value growth. Dai Wei believes that to achieve digital transformation and the value it brings, the key factor is the excellent organizational culture, the core part of which is the best operational practice. Perform organizational work with best practices. The implementation of the application solution is monitored through the target management system, and the set goals are achieved through clear accountability. Yokogawa's digital solutions cover technology and services throughout the lifecycle, with the goal of achieving customer-specific business goals. After achieving results through the implementation of the right solutions, we should continue to maintain and expand our results and values ​​in the face of constant changes and new opportunities. At the same time, in order to achieve sustainable growth through digital transformation, the integration of IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) is indispensable, and can be realized through Yokogawa's business and professional domain knowledge.

      Co-innovation to achieve sustainable development

      In the context of today's economic globalization, factories and production are facing fierce global competition. In the long run, only factories that can optimize and improve in a timely and continuous manner can remain competitive. Today's “Collaborative Process Automation” brings more possibilities to the automation industry, calling on customers and customers, customers and suppliers, as well as suppliers and suppliers to work together seamlessly to create a harmonious ecosystem for future changes. system.

      As early as 2015, Yokogawa updated its brand slogan to “Co-innovating tomorrow”. According to Mr. Kurosu, this slogan is a rapid response of Yokogawa based on a rapidly changing business environment. He said: "The word 'Co-innovating' expresses our determination to develop solutions and create value by establishing long-term partnerships with customers. 'tomorrow' expresses us step by step and steadily moves towards the future. Yokogawa We will integrate our own industry-wide know-how, professional industry knowledge, and leading digital technology to provide customers with applicable and economical solutions, achieve sustainable development on the basis of mutual benefit, and create a better future with customers."

      A thousand miles begins with a single step. Empowering digital transformation, working with customers to create new value, Yokogawa is ready, the future can be expected!

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