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Zhejiang Youji Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the transformation of new products and new

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Core Tip:Just entering the early autumn, the author came to Zhejiang Youji Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., and once I entered the assembly workshop, I saw that the semi-finished products of the ten-stage valve test bench were placed in the assembly and test area,
      Interview with the head of Zhejiang Youji Machinery Co., Ltd.

      Just entering the early autumn, the author came to Zhejiang Youji Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., and once I entered the assembly workshop, I saw that the semi-finished products of the ten-stage valve test bench were placed in the assembly and test area, and the assembly and test technicians were busy. In the well, the wells were arranged in an orderly manner and the orders for the delivery at the end of the month were inquired. The order of the test benches that were in the process of rushing to the construction period was the 16-inch high-pressure gas immersion intelligent test bench of the Stunt Valve Group and the Begao Valve Group. Caliber all-welded ball valve test bench, Founder Valve Group's clip-on butterfly check valve air pressure test bench, and export to the US Smlth-Blalr company intelligent body strength test bench, Xi'an pump and valve plant high pressure gas immersion intelligent test bench.

      In the general office of Zhejiang Youji Li, in recent years, the overcapacity of traditional low-end valves has obviously insufficient demand for the company's original ordinary products. The company's senior management visited the industry experts and visited the users to investigate domestic and foreign companies. The company concluded that the pump and valve machinery industry is in the process of shuffling and upgrading. As a supplier of mechanical equipment, it must grasp the technology and quality, and adapt to the general trend of shuffling and upgrading of the entire pump and valve industry.

      First, we must focus on the company's leading products to adhere to the three non-principles, do not run off the border is not red-eye, the main products do not test the pump and test equipment, do not do upstream and downstream products, do not do financial investment and blind production. Second, willing to invest in the improvement and innovation of new products, raw material selection and user experience feedback input gradually increase the proportion of funds. Third, the quality of the innovative concept is improved, the same product quality is improved, and it is also innovation. Improve the quality of existing products. From the perspective of the whole industry, there are some innovation levels in the enterprises between regions. Some people think that a product or an accessory in Wenzhou’s pump and valve town (base) will do a better job. There is a sound, this product or accessories to Wenzhou to create, professional and refined, the price is relatively quality and affordable. Adhere to the above three points, as the company's responsible person, management personnel, and grassroots employees, as long as they comprehend these, I believe that the company should adapt to the new concept and new development in the new era.

      In 2017-2018, the company obtained 2 invention patents and 4 provincial-level industrial new products. The technical improvement and replacement of the mechanical parts of the test bench is at the domestic leading and advanced level, providing safer operation for the high-demand customer product testing operations. The state of the art in the domestic valve testing and grinding equipment industry is of great significance. In recent years, Zhejiang Youji Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has insisted on leading product R&D and innovation, not seeking product breadth, only seeking the deep digging of leading products, achieving the spirit of excellence of craftsmen in leading products, actively combining the innovative models of production, education and research, and obtaining a number of product details. It is gratifying to the market and has been recognized by customers and provided strong technical support for the company's sustainable redevelopment.

      In August of this year, the Yongjia County Economic and Information Bureau was entrusted by the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission to hold a provincial-level industrial new product appraisal meeting in the conference room No. 3 of Baoyi Group. Zhejiang Youji had 4 new improved products through 5 experts in the expert group. Strict examination, careful study and careful evaluation, "a kind of clasp valve test bench", "a vertical valve test bench" and "a valve grinder" are rated as domestically leading, "a kind of sinking The water-type valve hydraulic test bench" was rated as the advanced level of domestic similar products, and successfully passed the appraisal and acceptance.

      This new test bench and grinder has some performance characteristics that are not available in conventional products, such as meeting non-standard fluid testing, improving work efficiency, reducing safety hazards, compact and convenient structure, human environmental protection, reducing energy consumption, etc. 4 new practical patents, the technology is at the domestic leading and advanced level, the successful development and production of the above products, further improving the company's market share in the middle and high-end users, providing more targeted choices for high-demand customer-specific product testing and processing operations, It is of great significance to improve the scientific and technological level of the domestic valve testing and grinding equipment industry.

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