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2019 India International Foundry Exhibition IFEX

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Core Tip:The 15th India International Foundry Exhibition in 2019 will be held in January 18-20, 2019 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The 66th India International Foundry Conference will be held concurrently. The exhibition has been successfully held for 13 sessions
Time: January 18-20, 2019

Venue: New Delhi, India

Group Committee: Cologne Exhibition Company & Indian Foundry Association

Exhibition cycle: one year

Organizer: Beijing Eurasian Shanghui International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Introduction

      The 15th India International Foundry Exhibition in 2019 will be held in January 18-20, 2019 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The 66th India International Foundry Conference will be held concurrently. The exhibition has been successfully held for 13 sessions and is held annually in major cities in India. It is an excellent display and exchange platform between production and trading companies in the foundry industry in India and overseas. As the world's third-largest casting manufacturer, India's production of various grades of casting products in line with international standards has been calculated to reach 93.44 million tons, and exports are about 25%-30% per year. The 14th exhibition is dedicated to technology, equipment, products and services. The exhibition is also the only large international casting trade in India and even Southeast Asia. It will provide new business opportunities and opportunities for local and international countries and companies. Good platform.

      In the last session of the exhibition, the exhibition area was 24,000 square meters. A total of 288 companies from more than 10 countries including Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Spain, the United States, Turkey, and the United Kingdom participated in the exhibition. A total of nearly 7,000 spectators from home and abroad attended the exhibition. Among them, more than 20 companies from the Chinese delegation participated in the exhibition, and the response was very good.

      The 15th India International Foundry Exhibition is about to debut in 2018. If you are interested in expanding the market in the region, you are cordially invited to join the Beijing Eurasia International Exchange Exhibition Co., Ltd. to participate in this exhibition!

      Third, the scope of exhibits

      1. Castings: high-quality castings for various purposes (castings for automobile and motorcycle, casting valves, grey castings, ductile castings, malleable castings, steel castings, alloy castings, precision castings, die castings, rolls, cast iron pipes, steel ingots) Moulds, art castings, wear-resistant castings, colored and special castings, grey iron, ductile iron, etc.

      2. Foundry technology: foundry machinery and equipment, foundry equipment, mold, transfer technology, measurement technology, surface treatment technology, furnace, welding technology, environmental protection technology.

      3. Foundry equipment: all kinds of industrial casting materials (die-casting equipment; smelting equipment; various cold chamber / hot chamber die-casting machine (aluminum, zinc, copper, magnesium alloy die-casting machine); various hydraulic machines, hydraulic press peripheral equipment and accessories; Differential pressure casting coating; investment casting; precision casting (special alloy and wax); die casting mold; process control and extrusion casting; low pressure casting; gravity metal mold casting; centrifugal casting; continuous casting; shell casting; .

      4, sand processing equipment; falling sand equipment; modeling core equipment; throwing shot blasting strengthening equipment; metal casting equipment; smelting and burning equipment; investment equipment; conveying equipment; testing equipment; aging processing equipment; coating equipment; Core drying equipment; special casting equipment; casting furnace and accessories; burner and iron nozzle; non-destructive testing; refractory materials; casting materials; casting resin, casting repair materials and equipment and other auxiliary products; control equipment; Wen Yi, etc.).

      5. Forging equipment; die forging equipment; free forging equipment; extrusion, rotary forming, cutting, bending and torsion forming equipment; mechanical press; automatic forging press; hydraulic press; automatic forming equipment; ordinary forming equipment; forging hammer; Shearing machine; bending correction machine; coil material unwinding leveling equipment; riveting machine; other forging equipment and accessories; forging industrial furnace and energy-saving technology; forging automation control equipment.

      6. Casting materials: raw materials, pig iron, scrap steel, inoculant, spheroidizing agent, carbonizing agent, non-ferrous metal, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, furnace charge, refractory brick, refractory mud, quartz sand, high temperature cement, limestone, fluorite , slag removal agent, desulfurizer, other, auxiliary materials, coatings, binders, etc. )

      Beijing Eurasian Shanghui International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Website:

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      Contact: Guo Hongwen 18511045878 Tel: 010-81058334 Fax: 010-68484576

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