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Highlighting the innovation drive Jingjiang promotes the equipment manufacturing industry to the mid

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Core Tip:Not long ago, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world, was successfully opened to traffic. As one of the “contributors” of this bridge construction, Jiangsu Donghua Testing Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the “
      Not long ago, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world, was successfully opened to traffic. As one of the “contributors” of this bridge construction, Jiangsu Donghua Testing Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the “physical examination” of various structural mechanics tests in construction, verifying the safety of the bridge project. Behind every major project in China, there are almost Donghua tests, and Jingjiang’s “high-end manufacturing” brand is called again and again.

      Zoom in on the advantages of featured industries

      “High-end manufacturing” is rooted in Jingjiang’s strong industrial base, 14 industrial categories and more than 6,000 manufacturing enterprises. The city has formed a leading industry such as ships, auto parts, machinery and equipment, electrical appliances and other special industries. The equipment manufacturing industry accounts for more than 70% of the city's industrial sales. Strategic emerging industries such as equipment manufacturing and new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, and electronic information are becoming the backbone of Jingjiang's industrial economy.

      According to the latest shipyard order rankings released by Clarkson at the end of October, Jingjiang’s Yangzijiang Shipbuilding and New Era Shipbuilding’s two large shipping companies ranked first and second in the country respectively, ranking in the top 10 in the global rankings, and the production tasks have been ranked. Until 2022. Jingjiang's status as the country's largest civilian shipbuilding base and China's ship export base has been further consolidated.

      The glory created by Jingjiang equipment manufacturing industry includes: National Micro-Electric Motor and Control Industry Base, Jiangsu Auto Parts Industrial Base, the world's largest anchor chain production base, and the hometown of China's air-conditioning, the hometown of pumps and valves.

      In the new era, the Jingjiang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will build a modern industrial system with global competitiveness and independent control, as a key system plan to promote the high-quality development of the regional economy, with the development concept and systematic thinking of “innovative green integration”. We always adhere to the path of “industrial strong city”, and we will focus on high-end equipment manufacturing and modern port logistics, which are the leading industries with regional comparative advantages, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development.

      The Fifth Plenary Session of the 12th Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed to fully amplify the effect of advantageous industrial clusters, upgrade traditional industries with high quality, promote emerging industries from a high starting point, lead by intelligent green branding, seize the commanding heights of intelligent manufacturing, and form the control of key technologies. The leading role of technical standards and the driving force of industrial clusters will promote the high-end equipment manufacturing industry to amplify new advantages and accelerate the creation of “the first county in the manufacturing sector of the Soviet union”.

      Aiming at "autonomous and controllable" force

      In early November, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Federation of Industrial Economics released the latest list of individual manufacturing champions and single champion products. Jiangsu Yaxing Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. became a “single champion model enterprise”.

      In the downturn of the international market, Yaxing Anchor Chain has recently shown strong performance in new orders. In the Yaxing Offshore Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, the intelligent production line is accelerating the final commissioning and will be put into operation before the end of the year. The bottom gas is the "unusual" from the Yaxing anchor chain: the ultra-high-strength R5 and R6 offshore oil platform mooring chain independently developed by the company has broken the technological monopoly of foreign companies for more than 30 years and has dominated the international standard of mooring chain. Formulation.

      Donghua test broke through the foreign technology blockade and became the leader in China's intelligent testing field; Sidelix Pharmaceutical Machinery highlighted innovation drive, developed a replacement for imported centrifuge equipment; Yongzheng bolt research and development screw supporting C919 large aircraft, let China no longer needs high-priced imported fasteners... Jingjiang enterprises are more and more independent and controllable technologies and products.

      In recent years, "standardization + technological innovation" has become an important force for Jingjiang to upgrade its equipment manufacturing level. The municipal government has clearly stated that Jingjiang enterprises should aim at high-end equipment manufacturing and high-end industrial chain, strive to be the standard setter and technology leader, attract core supporting enterprises to replenish the chain, consolidate the industry's right to speak, and cultivate more singles champions. Invisible champion.

      Aiming at “competing the first and grabbing the only one”, Jingjiang Enterprise is striving to create “Baiyou Brand, Ten Billion Energy Level, One Hundred Years of Inheritance”, and emerges micro-motors, high-speed electric spindles, VC series, nuclear industrial pumps, marine mooring chains, 30 high-temperature hot water tanks and other national industry singles champions. At present, Jingjiang enterprises lead or participate in the formulation of nearly 150 international, national and industrial standards, and more enterprises continue to lead technological advancement and industrial upgrading with advanced standards.

      Innovation drives traditional industries

      In mid-October, the four traditional industrial innovation strategic alliances of Jingjiang Motor, Mould, Pump Valve and Pressure Vessel were unveiled. 23 well-known colleges and universities across the country cooperated with enterprises, research institutes and research institutes in Jingjiang industry to carry out key technology research and promote technology transfer.

      The Jingjiang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government proposed to speed up the implementation of the “five-one” project for the high-quality improvement of traditional industries. Each industry will build a supporting base, set up a research and development institution, build a service platform, form a superior brand, and build a training base. Establishing four traditional industrial innovation strategic alliances, Jingjiang is accelerating the pace of technological innovation with systematic thinking, providing an innovative driving force for the high quality of traditional industries.

      At the enterprise level, in addition to “standardization + technological innovation”, Jingjiang is also actively implementing “robot + intelligent manufacturing” and “Internet + new business model”. This “three +” strategy innovation practice leads the power transformation, promotes the transformation of the model, and continuously promotes The city's industry achieves high quality development.

      "Robot + Intelligent Manufacturing" is in the ascendant in Jingjiang. As the leading enterprise in Jingjiang Auto Parts Industry, Xincheng Auto Parts and Huada Technology have introduced thousands of welding robots in recent years, speeding up the “machine substitution” process, reducing the cost of employing people by 60% and increasing production efficiency by more than 70%. Dazhong Motor Construction is the first in the same industry in the country to implement smart factories, and the application of intelligent and information technology has enabled enterprises to accelerate to become China's best green kinetic energy benchmark enterprises.

      This year, the city will strive to add 30 national high-tech enterprises, 30 new intelligent workshops, and the numerical control rate of key process equipment of enterprises above designated size will reach 50%. Jingjiang is accelerating the creation of new advantages in high-end equipment manufacturing industry with precision manufacturing and agile manufacturing capabilities.

      "Internet + new business model" gives traditional equipment manufacturers a new vitality. The municipal party committee and municipal government guide enterprises to conform to the trend of sharing economy, sharing economy and cooperating economy, and promote the integration of a group of enterprises and industries online and offline to achieve cross-border integration and value-added.

      Accelerate the construction of "special parks + quality projects"

      At present, the construction of the Precision Manufacturing Industrial Park, Zhuo Ran Intelligent Industrial Park and the Great Health Industrial Park of the Development Zone Headquarters are in full swing. The construction of featured parks has become an important carrier for the new starting point of the city to promote emerging industries.

       As a high-end processing and manufacturing cluster centered by the development zone headquarters, the precision manufacturing industry park covers aerospace structural parts, semiconductor equipment parts, medical equipment, security equipment and other fields. Yatai Logistics' tank container production project has become the first completion and production project of the industrial park, and is building the world's largest special container production base. More than 50% of the 15 industrial projects settled last year will be completed and put into production this year.

      Innovative "industry synergy" mode, Zoran Intelligent Reloading Industrial Park focuses on attracting related manufacturing enterprises in the industrial chain to accumulate, and accelerate the formation of a whole industrial chain system from design and development, to production and sales, to distribution and transportation. At present, the park is accelerating the construction of reloading areas and assembly workshops. More than 10 enterprises have settled in, with orders in hand of 2.5 billion yuan. Taking advantage of the brand and resource advantages of Ailand's nutritional products in the world, the big health industry park with an investment of 5 billion yuan will promote the research and development, design and manufacture of nutritious health products, and introduce clusters of high-quality health industry projects in the world to form an international health industry demonstration. base.

      According to the development idea of ​​“Special Park + Quality Project”, more and more featured industrial park projects have settled in Jingjiang. In July this year, Hong Kong Guilian Holdings International Co., Ltd. signed a contract with the city to invest 100 million US dollars to build a smart packaging industrial park project, using RFID technology to focus on smart packaging and smart packaging industry. After the project is completed and put into production, it is expected to achieve annual invoice sales of 800 million. yuan. The Lean Bridge Electromechanical Technology Industrial Park, Tianjing Environmental Protection Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park and Dingxin High-end Industrial Park are also attracting a large number of leading and base projects, which will further accelerate the construction of the city's industrial characteristics and development advantages.

      Readers who read here hope that this article from Xiaobian can bring you a new understanding. If you want more hydraulic information, please continue to pay attention to China Hydraulic Parts Network and China Hydraulic Parts Mall. Xiaobian also updates the relevant information of hydraulic components everyday. If you have any suggestions to us, we will make corresponding supplement and optimization to the content according to your opinions, please support us more!
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