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2018 The 9th China Beijing International Coal Chemical Industry Exhibition

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Core Tip:China's coal chemical industry ranks among the top in the world. To build a business card for China's energy industry and ensure the healthy development of the industry, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Informat
 Support Units:
    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Ministry of Science and Technology National Energy Administration China Coal Industry Association
    China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation China Natural Gas Industry Association China Coal Chemical Industry Association
    China Coking Industry Association Fengfeng Mining Area Coal Chemical Industry Association China Environmental Industry Protection Association
    China General Machinery Association Valve Branch Shanxi Coal Chemical Industry Association China Chemical Industry Association
Organizer: China Coal City Development Joint Promotion Association Beijing Huamao Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer: Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute Shanxi Coal Chemical Industry Association
Organization unit: Beijing Huamao Exhibition Co., Ltd. Official website:
Invited units:
   Xuyang Coal Chemical Group Shanxi 3D Group Shenhua Group Shaanxi Coal Industry Chemical Group
   Liuzhou Chemical Industry Yunnan Coal Chemical Industry Group China Coal Energy Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group
   Liaoning North Coal Chemical Industry Shandong Luneng Group Xinlianxin Fertilizer Chitianhua Group
   Huaneng Group Kailuan Clean Coal Inner Mongolia Yuanxing Energy Jiutai Energy Group
   Shanxi Orchid Technology Shanxi Tianji Coal Chemical Industry Yankuang Group Tiexiong Energy Coalification
   Yunnan Yuntianhua Shanxi Coking Group Pingmei Shenma Energy Chemical Taiyuan Coal Gasification
   China Power Investment Group Xinwen Mining Group CNOOC Group Sinopec Group
         The above rankings are in no particular order. Due to limited layout, the invited units cannot be listed as much as possible.
Exhibition background:
    China's coal chemical industry ranks among the top in the world. To build a business card for China's energy industry and ensure the healthy development of the industry, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Energy Administration issued the "China Manufacturing 2025 - Energy Equipment Implementation Plan." The Program has identified energy equipment development tasks in 15 areas around the three aspects of ensuring energy security supply, promoting clean energy development and clean and efficient use of fossil energy. Specific to coal, coal chemical industry and related industry equipment, is the main research area in the future.
    Modern coal chemical industry has made important progress in new technology development, core equipment breakthrough, industrial planning and layout, demonstration project construction and operation, and made positive contributions to the implementation of energy substitution and national energy security. In order to better demonstrate the achievements of the modern coal chemical demonstration project, promote the innovation exchange of China's coal chemical industry, accelerate the application of new technologies and equipment in the coal chemical industry, explore the development strategy and innovation direction of the coal chemical industry under the new situation, and actively guide Scientific, healthy and orderly development of coal chemical industry, China Coal City Development Joint Promotion Association is scheduled to be November 21, 2018
    On the 23rd, at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, the "2018 China Beijing International Coal Chemical Industry Exhibition" was held.
    2018 The 9th China Beijing International Coal Chemical Industry Exhibition will be escorted by the "Made in China 2025 - Energy Equipment Implementation Plan", and will be grandly opened at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from November 21st to 23rd, 2018. And Asia's top coal chemical industry event, China's largest coal chemical industry exhibition CICC is rooted in China, extending the world, deducting China's first trade show legend, and developing China's coal chemical industry together for nine spring and autumn, carrying a new responsibility, in The Chinese market shows the world new products and technologies in the coal chemical industry. Taking CICC as the origin, starting from here to open the road of upgrading the coal chemical industry based on user demand, this exhibition attracts the giants of coal chemical industry at home and abroad to gather in Beijing. Authoritative experts analyze the energy development situation in China and introduce it to modern Coal chemical industry-based coal downstream industry, key technologies and equipment progress, guide enterprises to extend the industrial chain, realize the simultaneous transformation of coal from fuel to raw materials and fuel, focus on industry development hotspots, solve related problems faced by the industry, and then promote industrial integration and upgrading.
Last review:
    The last exhibition was successfully held at China International Exhibition Center on June 13-15, 2017. The exhibition area was over 18,000 square meters. It displayed thousands of products in the latest coal chemical industry, bringing together Korean, Italian, Russian, French, Japan, the United States, Britain, South Africa, Chile, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad more than 380. Famous manufacturers include Emerson, Total, Siemens, Datang Group, Dijia Energy, Shaanxi Coal Chemical Group, Henan Energy and Chemical Group, Yuntianhua, Pentair, PCC, VOLK valves, NBV, Amaid, IMI, American Art Darth , Sanju Environmental Protection, Aerospace Petrochemical, Sino-German Control, Aichuange Valve, Lock Valve, Zellman, Jiayu Technology, Huiguang, Material Emperor, Germany Feiluwa, Shanghai Light Leaf Project, Germany Zemak Clean Energy Technology, SLEMENS, Tiangang Group, Dalian Shida Heavy Industry, Yanchang Petroleum, Founder Valve, Guorun Hengke, Kaiweike, Collinsda, Huafu Engineering, Tiewang Fluid, Chuanrun Power, Cummins, Kaiweixi Well-known enterprises such as Valve, Tiankang Group, Zhengda Energy, Yanxin Group and Shanghai Boiler Factory participated in the exhibition. The Netherlands Pavilion (Chuangyuan Environmental Protection, Dutch Energy Research Center, and Hefeng Technology Company) also read the environmental protection of coal chemical industry. zero emission.
    According to statistics, the number of professional visitors reached 29,886, with an intentional turnover of 18 billion yuan. Among them, overseas professional visitors accounted for 31%. Most of the audience came from coal chemical production, manufacturing, scientific research institutions, government authorities, distribution agents, etc., the actual buyers accounted for 69%, trade and dealers accounted for 30%. The good results of the exhibition were unanimously praised in the industry, and 90% of the customers indicated that they would continue to participate in the next exhibition. More than 20 media outlets such as China Chemical News, China Business News, Morning News, Liberation Daily, Evening News, Labor Newspaper, Beijing Evening News, Youth Daily, etc. conducted in-depth coverage of the exhibition, exhibitors, buyers and participants from all walks of life. Give high praise.
Check-in exhibition: November 21-23, 2018 (9:00-17:00) Opening time: November 23, 2018 (9:30)
Exhibition time: November 21-23, 2018 (9:00-17:00) Closing time: November 23, 2018 (17:00)
Audience organization
1. The organizer issues relevant documents and copies it to all relevant departments of the provincial government, to the municipal and county mining bureaus, coal industry groups, coal chemical enterprises, chemical enterprises, fine chemicals, environmental protection and other management departments, coal-fired power enterprises, and minerals. Enterprises, coal deep processing enterprises, scientific research institutions, etc., invite them to organize the unit leaders, technical personnel, procurement personnel to visit and purchase.
2. Inviting construction, reconstruction and preparation of coal chemical project units and construction units through the relevant management departments to visit and negotiate on site;
3. Invite foreign trade visits and purchasing groups such as the trade promotion system, economic cooperation, organization, foreign trade companies, and foreign investment institutions to visit and negotiate.
4. Huamao union Exhibition Purchasing Promotion Department implements tailor-made “one-on-one” service, understands the tailoring needs of each exhibitor, determines the target of professional visitors, and promptly finds buyers for each exhibitor, so that buyers and exhibitors Businesses will meet the needs of participating in this exhibition, and strive to be effective and satisfy you.
5. In the domestic and international mass media, professional magazines, portals, WeChat public platform, more than 380 media and coal chemical construction projects in the project area, the advertising space will be promoted and promoted, the professional audience database will be established, and the contact will be strengthened. update pre-publication newsletters, exhibitions, etc., send them through 300,000 database resources. Mail to professional buyers!
If you are a supplier of the following products, please reserve your booth:
1. Large-scale enterprise image display area: large-scale coal chemical enterprises, coal chemical industrial parks, exhibitions and exhibitions of outstanding corporate image and achievements of circular economy.
2. Coal chemical engineering enterprise display area: coal chemical engineering design enterprise, coal chemical engineering construction unit, coal, chemical research institutes, colleges and universities, environmental protection engineering design and construction unit.
3. Coal chemical equipment display area: reaction equipment, mass transfer equipment, concentration equipment, heat transfer equipment, storage and transportation equipment, conveying equipment, air separation equipment, pressure vessels, key pump valves in coal-to-liquid, natural gas, methanol and other processes , general mechanical equipment.
4. Coal chemical product display area: modern coal chemical products such as coke, coal gasification, liquefaction (coal to oil), coal tar, methanol, dimethyl ether, modified asphalt.
5. Coal quality inspection display area: mass flow meter, measuring instrument, inspection and testing instrument, pressure meter, material level meter, chromatograph, spectrometer, thermal analysis instrument, general instrument, etc.
6. Comprehensive utilization of resources: CBM development and utilization technology, coal gangue power generation, new technology of coal slurry utilization; coal system associated mineral resources development and intensive processing technology and equipment.
Technology Exchange:
During the exhibition, the exhibition organizing committee will assist domestic and foreign exhibitors to hold many technical exchange lectures in the conference room of the exhibition hall. The content will be set by the enterprise. Each audience will be 60-80 people. The company will invite the organization itself to assist the organization. And before October 28, 2018, the topic, main content and the name of the speaker will be reported to the organizing committee. The technical exchange lectures are limited. After the newspaper is over, each lecture will be 70 minutes and the cost will be 30,000 yuan per session.
 Standard booth 9m2 (3m × 3m); configuration: exhibition venue, three panels (2.5m high), a Chinese and English fascia board, a negotiation table, two chairs, carpet, 220V power socket, two spotlights. (Note: 20% for double-open booths)
Domestic Pavilion Standard Booth Standard Booth: ¥16800/9m2 Joint Venture Standard Booth: ¥30000/9m2
Fine decoration booth 3x4 (Sotto) Domestic: ¥23800 yuan / 12m2 Foreign (integrated) enterprises: ¥40000 yuan / 12m2
International Pavilion Standard Booth Booth: ¥36000/9m2 Fine decoration booth configuration (Sotto)
Light ground (not less than 36 m2 for rent); configuration: exhibition venue, security services, public liability insurance, no facilities
Domestic hall indoor light (36m2 rent): ¥1700 yuan / m2 International Pavilion indoor light (36m2 rent): ¥4000 yuan / m2
Outdoor light (36m2 rent): ¥1500 yuan / m2 Foreign-funded enterprises (36m2 rent): ¥3000 yuan / m2
Joint venture (starting from 36m2): ¥2000/m2
Note: 1. This exhibition provides a variety of sponsorship programs, providing more opportunities for operators and suppliers to participate in the promotion of the maximum extent; if you are interested in sponsoring, please ask the organizing committee for the participation rules.
2. Conference fee: 3,000 yuan per participant (for opening dinner, conference materials, lunch, souvenirs, etc.)
Conference proceedings:
   In order to cooperate with the exhibitors during the exhibition and let the customers know about the exhibitors and communicate with them after the meeting, the organizing committee will carefully compile the conference proceedings, specifications: 145mm × 210mm.
   Conference proceedings and other advertising fees
Sealing surface Sealing bottom Sealing 2/Front Philippine Sealing 3/Post Philippine Coloring page Cross-coloring page Black and white inner page
30000 yuan 20000 yuan 12000 yuan 10000 yuan 8000 yuan 10000 yuan 3000 yuan
Visit volume: 20000 yuan / 30,000 pieces Card: 50,000 yuan / 30,000 bags: 50,000 yuan / 6000
Sling: 60,000 yuan / 30,000 (other advertisements are available)
Exhibitor program
1. Fill in the “Exhibition Application and Contract Form” carefully and fax it with the official seal or mail it to the Organizing Committee.
2. After the application is confirmed by the organizing committee, the participation fee will be transferred to the organizing committee within one week. After the remittance, please send the remittance slip to the organizing committee for checking.
3. After receiving the exhibitor's participation fee, the organizing committee will mail the invoice and the “Exhibition Guide” to the exhibitor.
4, booth allocation according to; first application, first payment, first arrangement, in order to ensure the overall image of the exhibition, the organizing committee reserves the right to change some of the exhibitor booth.
2018 The 9th China Beijing International Coal Chemical Industry Exhibition Organizing Committee
Address: 1604, Block A, Rongke Creative Industry Center, No. 65 Bajiao East Street, Shijingshan District, Beijing
Postal Code: 100043
Contact: Hu Jinzhou 13621382017 with WeChat
Tel: 010-88808867 88808897 Fax: 010-68683796
Online QQ consultation; 511835548 WeChat public number: bjcicc
Official website:

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