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Wu Chuan group's independent intellectual property bulk carrier 4 13000DWT ship projects successfull

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Core Tip:On November 7, 2018, the 13,000-ton deck transport vessel No. 4, constructed by Shuangliuwu Ship Group and independently designed by the Institute of Marine Engineering for the French Louis Dafu Group, was signed and delivered at Ruitai Shipyard in Nanton
      On November 7, 2018, the 13,000-ton deck transport vessel No. 4, constructed by Shuangliuwu Ship Group and independently designed by the Institute of Marine Engineering for the French Louis Dafu Group, was signed and delivered at Ruitai Shipyard in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.

      The successful signature and delivery of vessel 13 000 DWT-4 marks the successful closure of the four 13 000 DWT vessel projects undertaken by Wushui Group.

      The 13000 ton deck transport ship is a kind of bulk carrier, mainly used for the transportation of goods such as coal and ore. The ship is a self-propelled barge with double tail fins developed independently by the Institute of Marine Engineering. It is a self-propelled barge with an all-steel welded structure with a total length of 130 meters, a width of 26 meters, a depth of 8 meters and a load of 13,000 tons. It has two main engines with a maximum power of 1600 KW and a speed of 10.4 knots. In the aspect of design, by optimizing linear design, the performance parameters of the marine engineering institute can save energy by 14.1% and 12.9 tons/day compared with the same type of ships in the world. The fuel consumption can be saved up to 22.6%. The advantages of energy efficiency are obvious. By optimizing the overall layout of ships, refining the construction design, the shallow draft ship weight center can be successfully conquered. And stability control, welding deformation of sheet metal, vibration and noise reduction of ships.

      Since the start of the project, Shuangliuwu Ship has been carefully planned and deployed. Together with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Shuangliuwu Ship has devoted more efforts to creating "special, excellent and new" products, and has worked hard on representing the first and first-made products in China. It has successfully completed the annual delivery task of the 13,000 DWT project.

      Careful deployment of security carriers

      On May 16 this year, the first 13,000-ton deck carrier built by Shuangliuwu Ship of Wuhan Shipping Group was delivered under the name of "ABM NUBIRI" in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, which sounded the trumpet of this year. In the next few months, the good news of launching, leaving the factory and delivering ships continued, with one cycle shorter and one performance better than the other.

      In June, Shuangliuwu still maintained a strong production momentum under the circumstances of hot sun and low working hours. In the past, Shuangliuwu Ship has allocated relevant resources in advance to ensure that sufficient manpower and material resources can be invested before and after the festival, and to fully guarantee the smooth operation of equipment commissioning, certificate preparation and spare parts delivery. In addition, the internal paint is started ahead of time, instead of the former tube, and the electric finish is repainted to ensure that the cables and pipes are clean and orderly. From July to October, Shuangliuwu continued to maintain a steady pace of ship delivery. On July 12, ship 2 delivered, and on September 14, ship 3 delivered. Its main indicators and speed increased significantly from 12.2, 12.6 and 12.8 to 13.08 of ship 1, ship 2, ship 3, and ship 4. The average fuel consumption is 26% less than the specifications, which is highly praised and unanimously recognized by shipowners and greatly improves the economic benefits of shipowners.

      Meticulously pay for quality

      Since the construction of the 13000DWT project in June 1, 2017 and the end of November 7, 2018, it has lasted 1 and a half years. The success of the project can not be separated from the meticulous efforts of every excellent construction management personnel, professional technical construction personnel and strict quality control personnel, nor can it be separated from the close cooperation of Shuangliuwu Ship and its brothers.

      In order to promote production smoothly and orderly, Shuangliu, in accordance with the requirements of "lean and healthy body, improve quality and increase efficiency", has made a good adjustment of personnel organizational structure, continuously strengthened the execution ability of managers at all levels, comprehensively improved the management level of various departments, revised the plan in real time according to the actual situation on the spot, rationally arranged the construction work of various professionals, and shortened it. The overall cycle of the product has been achieved, the planned service production and the planned guidance production have been realized, the production mode has been optimized, and the work efficiency has been improved. With production as the main line of the plan, strict quality control, deepening the management of fine assignment and physical quality assessment, and continuing to carry out new technological methods and technological innovation projects. In order to cope with the problem caused by the increase of welding workload in the production process of 13,000 tons thick plate, the company has actively carried out innovative research on the welding process of deck segmented thick plate and vigorously improved the welding quality of thick plate, so as to maximize the utilization of equipment and benefit. During the process of organizing sea trial delivery, the company carefully organized the work of sea trial, mooring test, delivery documents, certificates and submissions from May 1st to November 7th.

      Production and operation

      Shuangliu Wushui Ship keeps on practicing its internal skills, doing a good job in production, insurance and management, seizing market opportunities. On July 25, Wushui Group made a breakthrough again on the basis of the existing orders for 4 13,000 tons of transport ships. It undertook EPC orders for 4 new 13,000 tons of deck transport ships. At present, it has also started construction to strive to deliver excellent performance and quality products to shipowners. Ship, let the 13000DWT project continue to add luster to Wu Chuan group. At the same time, the "de-stocking" work of Shuangliuwu Marine Engineering has also achieved phased results, and several key product projects have been steadily promoted. From October to November, two 40-meter multi-functional support ships built by Shuangliuwu Ship were delivered smoothly.

      Next, Shuangliu Wushui will unswervingly implement the overall deployment and requirements of Wushui Group, insist on fixing the year-round target and not relax, and resolutely win the year-round target dash.

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