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Core Tip:In order to guarantee both buying and selling basic interests, so that buyers can rest assured purchase, hydraulic platf
In order to guarantee both buying and selling basic interests, so that buyers can rest assured purchase, hydraulic platform on each purchase information release of strict examination, to ensure each procurement requirements are real and effective, audit content includes procurement requirements of authenticity, procurement supplier qualification, purchaser credit etc..
At the same time, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the state and hydraulic parts of the service content, the following procurement requirements:

1, do not allow the release of procurement information
1.1 the provisions of the state banned the trading of procurement information;
1.2 drug, easy to make drug procurement information;
1.3 of waste oil, waste recycling of waste materials procurement information; (of second-hand goods)
1.4 the company's production of a product to buy a product's purchasing needs, in order to avoid peer malicious inquiry, such procurement information is not allowed to publish.

2, to allow the release of procurement information
2.1 hazardous chemicals are required to provide the business license, production license, and purchase license, to release the purchase information;
2.2 mechanical equipment: a shaping equipment, provide specification, type, material preparation, also motor requirements, quantity and packaging requirements, B non stereotyped, provide the drawings, in order to release the purchasing information;
2.3 electrical equipment, provide current, voltage, power, environment, temperature requirements and protection, explosion-proof grade, and brand requirements, special requirements of the other instructions;
2.4 instrument and equipment, provide the parameters of the data table (detection range, material, etc.), use and brand requirements;
2.5 chemical products, provide the product name, product content, packaging and application;
2.6 metal materials, provide material, specifications, national standards, quantity, packaging, use;
2.7 all non - standard products required by the processing technology, to provide processing drawings;
Other classes, provide materials, specifications, the national standard model, quantity, use.
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