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High-end equipment manufacturing industry cooperation has become the main global trends

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Core Tip:Emerging industry is the vanguard of the world's industrial development and force. In recent years, energy saving, high-end equipment manufacturing, information industry (Internet, etc.), biological medicine, new energy, new material
Emerging industry is the vanguard of the world's industrial development and force. In recent years, energy saving, high-end equipment manufacturing, information industry (Internet, etc.), biological medicine, new energy, new materials, modern logistics as the representative of the emerging industry is flourishing, continue to make amazing achievement.
Third "world's emerging industry conference" 2015 April 20 to 22 held in Central China's Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, the center of the city, this Assembly by the Asia-Pacific CEO Association and co-sponsored by the People's Government of Henan Province. Theme is "new industry - a new impetus to world economic growth," the General Assembly set up two special Forum for International Cooperation: World Internet & Logistics Cooperation Forum and the global high-end equipment manufacturing industry cooperation forum. Fortune 500 from more than 80 countries and regions in the world, 2000 strong, emerging industry leading corporate executives, industry leading experts of nearly 600 people will attend the meeting.
The world's emerging industry conference, the Asia-Pacific CEO Association (APCEO) initiated and as an international organizer, organizers of the First Conference of Chinese People's Government of Jilin Province, China, Chinese organizers of the Second Assembly of the People's Government of China, Wuhan.
Well-known international economist, Asia-Pacific CEO Association Executive Chairman Zhengxiong Wei pointed out that the global, high-end equipment manufacturing industry refers to manufacturing high-tech, high value-added industries advanced industrial facilities, is an important support of the national economy and national defense construction, including aviation equipment, satellites and their application industry, rail transportation equipment, marine engineering equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment. Funds due to technical limitations, high-end equipment manufacturing industry often exist in the form of international cooperation, at present, globalization, high-end equipment manufacturing industry cooperation has become its major trends.

First, aviation equipment, satellites and their applications

Aviation equipment mainly refers to a an aircraft, a power plant, airborne equipment, airborne weapons and other products, the satellite also aviation aircraft. At present, more and more countries to participate in international cooperation in space programs, the contents of cooperation from the provision or exchange of space research data, to jointly develop the spacecraft, took the launch spacecraft to provide training facilities to carry out scientific experiments in his country Spacecraft jointly analyze the results of the use of space exploration, the coalition aerospace crew and arranged space missions and the like. In recent years the scope of cooperation in global aviation, satellite field has become increasingly widespread, for example, as of April 2014, the Chinese government has signed more than 80 multilateral and bilateral space cooperation agreements with over 30 countries and institutions; European countries through the European Space Agency , EUMETSAT and other platforms, collaborative development, and support the Galileo global satellite navigation system, global environmental and safety testing program and other projects. In support of the European countries, the annual budget of the European Space Agency has reached about 4 billion euros.
Meanwhile, the international production networks become the field of aerospace, "you have me, I have you." Today's international aviation market, competitive products is not done by only one country, the competition is carried out by national aviation industry composed of multinational groups. Global cooperation in the aviation sector will also help promote the development of technology to achieve faster progress in the field of aviation. As in 2014 when NASA's proposed 2035 program of landing men on Mars, called for a global space sector to work together.

Second, the rail transport sector

Rail transportation equipment required is the general term railway and urban rail transport all types of equipment, mainly covers the rolling stock, construction and maintenance machinery, communication signals, traction power supply, security, operations management, and other mechanical and electrical equipment. In the field of high-speed rail, for example, today the world's leading manufacturer of high-speed rail in the car with Chinese, German Siemens, Alstom of France, Bombardier of Canada and Kawasaki, Hitachi and a few other companies. The global high speed rail market has great potential, the state has been through and in the construction of high-speed rail are mainly concentrated in Europe (Spain, France, Germany, etc.), Asia (China, Japan, etc.) area, there are high-speed rail plan country had six continents. According to the report, Germany, the global railway market in the future is expected to grow 3.4 percent annual growth rate through 2018 to grow to 190 billion euros, of which high-speed rail market capacity of 18.5 billion euros. The face of global high-speed rail construction boom, high-speed rail cooperation on a global scale will be carried out quickly and widely.
Currently, the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Chinese high-speed rail over 30 countries, and more countries are still China cooperation in the field of high-speed rail fight.

Third, the global ocean engineering equipment field

Marine engineering equipment mainly refers to large-scale engineering equipment and auxiliary equipment of marine resources, especially offshore oil and gas resources exploration, exploitation, processing, storage, management, logistics services and other aspects. The world's major marine engineering equipment builders concentrated in Singapore, South Korea, the United States and Europe and other countries, including Singapore and South Korea for the construction of technology is more mature, the shallow waters of platform-based, high-tech platform is also currently in the deepwater development, construction development, and the United States, Europe and other developed countries, places, build deepwater, ultra-deepwater high-tech equipment for the core platform.
2014, by the impact of international crude oil prices plummeted, dramatically shrinking global market demand for ocean engineering equipment, marine engineering equipment presents major volume and price trend. Whether drilling platforms, production platforms, or offshore vessel market performance was more sluggish, a cumulative total annual turnover of all kinds of marine engineering equipment 407 (ships), turnover of 41.98 billion US dollars, down 27.1 percent and 34.3 percent respectively.
With the orders situation is deteriorating, and many marine engineering equipment construction companies pay more attention to strengthening international layout. Among them, Mexico, Brazil and other needs, but large marine engineering equipment to build strength is not strong country, China, Singapore and other countries of marine engineering equipment construction business overseas partner hotspots. In Mexico side, Keppel Group is planning to cooperate with the Mexican national oil company, to build a new shipyard in Mexico; China Honghua Group Ltd. Call Mexico Energy Fund $ 150 million share of Mexico to undertake their land and offshore oil equipment orders creation favorable conditions. In Brazil, China Pacific Group Ltd. and Brazil's heavy Galaxia signed more than $ 400 million in the construction of marine equipment cooperation agreement, and will work together to provide marine support vessel (OSV) services for Petrobras. In addition, some marine engineering equipment construction companies also active distribution in Canada, Australia and other markets. Norway established a Canadian subsidiary company Vard Vard Marine, the main ship and offshore design and marketing; China Wison Offshore Ltd. and Australia WorleyParsons cooperation, to jointly develop a floating production platform project Australia region.

Fourth, intelligent manufacturing equipment

Intelligent manufacturing equipment is a prediction, perception, analysis, collectively reasoning, decision making, control of all types of manufacturing equipment, is equipped with CNC submitted on the basis of a more advanced and better improve production efficiency and manufacturing precision equipment type . Chinese intelligent manufacturing equipment industry include four categories: high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent measurement and control devices, the key infrastructure components and major integrated intelligence equipment.
Since the financial crisis, the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries have put in through the development of intelligent manufacturing to revitalize the manufacturing sector. In June 2011, the United States was officially launched, including industrial robots, including the "Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Program", in February 2012, it announced an "Advanced Manufacturing National Strategic Plan" put forward by strengthening research and experimentation (R & E) tax credit, expansion and Optimization of government investment, the construction of "smart" manufacturing technology platform to accelerate the intelligent manufacturing technology innovation, the same year the United States has set up a network of manufacturing innovation and increase material manufacturing has established Innovation Institute and Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute. Germany through the government, the Fraunhofer Institute and state governments to invest in CNC machine tools, manufacturing and engineering automation manufacturing research industry. Japan as early as 1990, advocated "Intelligent Manufacturing Systems IMS" international cooperative research programs. Many developed countries such as the United States, the European Community, Canada and Australia participated in this program. The program plans to invest a total of $ 1 billion for 100 projects to implement preliminary research plan. In recent years proposed by accelerating the development of collaborative robots, unmanned plants to enhance the international competitiveness of the manufacturing sector. Germany in 2013 the formal implementation of intelligent manufacturing as the main "Industry 4.0" strategy, consolidating its leading position in the manufacturing sector. And it expected the Chinese "Internet +" to cooperate in the development and utilization of network digitization and intelligent technology.
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