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Jianglu tower fame achievement

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Core Tip:Recently, a section called the new normal one day three Chinese Internet video star. Hunan Yuanda Group 19 days 57 days of the city and built a small layer of the news has become a hot topic in the media. During this
Recently, a section called "three-day New China normal" Internet video popularity. Hunan Yuanda Group 57 - 19 days to build a "small Amagi," the news has become a hot topic in the media. In this video, adhering to the "Little Tin City" around the facade of the eight tower crane hoisting precise time and time again that action is also particularly noticeable. Which helps lofty tower crane "Little Tin City" achievements "One day three Chinese new normal" astonishing speed?
The more you ask, the unexpected is in the whole construction of the building known as the "Chinese New Normal" landmark projects, this eight tower crane boom as construction material lifting part of the task of stitching busy working figure. It Jianglu boom tower crane in the process. Stable rotation again,
"Little Sky City" is located in Changsha County, Hunan Province, with a total construction area of 180,000 square meters, the use of "all-steel modular construction technology." Lifting application requirements in this building technique is very high, not only requires that the machine can work for lasting stability and accuracy of the intelligence and manipulation of the machine is a big test. Jianglu boom tower crane with its excellent performance and good awareness of the industry in one fell swoop. As the only cooperation with the project tower crane brand, the company has been very concerned about the heavy equipment from the project commenced to final completion, and time to provide the most powerful technical support for the successful completion of the project to provide a solid logistical support.
To reduce the crane's fault, sales staff reload the first driver for the project mostly young crane, crane operation abnormal phenomena, at the construction site to carry out the operation two days of crane driver training courses, which effectively put an end to occur due to improper crane operation many accidents; secondly crane failure to prevent and delay the construction of the case, reinstall sent a service ace Shu Xiangdong led 12 sales staff three shifts four days round for 24 hours nanny service and timely solutions to the tower crane malfunction. At 1:00 on February 16 under construction tower crane in a QTD315 found more than 10 tons of lifting hoist rope has been tied together on the reel, reel the rope ran outside six meters long, causing the crane can not lift heavy material, failure is an order, the company sales staff after receiving the notice to climb more than 200 meters high tower crane at 2:00 of the rope hoisting rope again until daybreak will work Rope completed. After completion of sales staff and actively cooperate with the construction side of the tower demolition work completed eight NTU tower.
Jianglu tower outstanding performance in the project, and fully demonstrated the excellent quality of the old tower, the company has won praise.
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