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Yuhuan Suo hydraulic tools factory

Manufacture of hydraulic tools, metal tools, hardware tools, auto parts, whol...

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Yuhuan Suo hydraulic tools factory is a design, research and development, production, sales in one of the hydraulic tools enterprises. The company is located in the beautiful Yuhuan County Truman Town Industrial Park, the park traffic developed, supporting facilities.
A wide range of products. There are: 1. multi-function bus processing machine series (three, four, five and 2.). Ultra high pressure electric hydraulic pump, hand pump, foot pump, gasoline pump.3. series hydraulic punching machine.4. series hydraulic bending machine.5. series hydraulic cutting machine series hydraulic.6. crimping machine series. The 7. hole series. 8. bending machine 9. bus embossing machine.10. all kinds of copper terminal crimping pliers series.11..12..13. cable scissors hydraulic puller Jack. 14. angle cutting machine 15. flange nut, scissor.16. fittings and a series of hydraulic tools. Products and services in electricity, communications, transportation, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical industry,... [Detail Introduction]