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Zhejiang Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hydraulic parts

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Department of Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang real beautiful environment of the South China Hardware City - Diankou, former Xiaoshan International Airport, east of the famous port city - Ningbo, convenient transportation, favorable geographical position. Is a company with years of professional experience in the production of hydraulic accessories products business, mature production technology, the company's flagship product for a variety of hydraulic three-piece, transition fittings, flanges and some related hydraulic ancillary products, they are widely used in machinery, metallurgy , petroleum, mining, construction, chemical, shipbuilding, aerospace, military and other industries in the hydraulic and fluid delivery system. The company also provides a variety of pieces of blank number of companies, companies give full play to the advantages of the industry leader, more than agents of foreign brand-name-related products, such as the European and American mainstream hydrau... [Detail Introduction]