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2015 Mexico valve, fluid technology exhibition

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Exhibition Dates 2015-06-02 to 2015-06-04
Exhibition city Mexico Mexico
Exhibition address Mexico Mexico City
Venue Mexico Mexico City
Hoster VANEXPO Exhibition Group
Show Description
 2015 Mexico valve, fluid technology exhibition
Exhibition time: June 2015 2-4 day
Exhibition venue: Mexico - Mexico City
Organizer: VANEXPO Exhibition Group
Exhibition period: Mexico electric power, lighting exhibition, Mexico hardware accessories show
Range of exhibits:
] pumps, valves, pipe, sealing parts, anticorrosive materials, plumbing equipment, pipeline cleaning equipment, pipeline leak proof equipment and technology, compressor, a safety protective equipment installation;
] centrifugal pump, metering pump, chemical pump, oil pump, flow pump, sewage pump, vortex pump, self suction pump, multistage pump, resistance to corrosion pump, pneumatic pump, vacuum pump, pipeline pump, paper pulp pump, pump, submersible pump, swimming pool pumps, liquid pump, magnetic pump, gear pump, screw pump, circular pump, high viscosity pump, impurity pump and other special pump, pump ancillary products and various ancillary equipment. Valve accessories: electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, locator, valve, hand wheel, bolts, springs, seals, gaskets, valve transmitters
] testing instruments, water automation, automatic monitoring and control system, water quality test and analysis instrument, water quality monitoring, (domestic and industrial) water meter, temperature measurement and control, flow control, laboratory equipment, pH measurements;
] fluid conveying pipes and fittings, machinery fittings, fluid conveying fluid machinery, processing equipment, fluid, fluid sealing, steam turbine, turbine, turbine
Air separation equipment, vacuum equipment, blower, transmission equipment and its supporting equipment
The chemical water treatment technology and equipment, water treatment chemicals, activated carbon, water tank, UV system etc.
Exhibition introduction:
The Mexico exhibition area of 2014 is 22000 square meters, 990 booths, more than 400 exhibitors were from, China, Turkey, Spain,
Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, the United States, Czech, Poland, Japan, China, Taiwan, etc.. There are 33780 visitors from all over the world.. There are 120 professional meetings over the same period. The exhibition held in the same period in the 6 exhibition hall in Mexico valve, hardware, fluid, lighting and electricity energy, etc.. 2015 Mexico valve, fluid
The technology exhibition will continue to be held at the largest and most famous Banamex Exhibition Center in Mexico city. 2015 Mexico city pump valve will be the largest you enter the European market
The most effective commercial platform.
Beijing world sailing International Exhibition Co. Ltd.
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