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2015 Shanghai pump valve Exhibition

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Exhibition Dates 2015-06-10 to 2015-06-30
Exhibition city shanghai
Exhibition address Song Ze Avenue, Shanghai No. 333
Venue National Exhibition Center (Shanghai)
Hoster Amsterdam RAI International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai Exhibition Center, the Haihe
Show Description
 Exhibitors contact: Zhao Li 13641602917 QQ 021-34090058 Consulting: 562723562, 1019494738, 1181579558
2015FlowEx China Shanghai International Exhibition of pump control valve
Display time: June 2015 10-12 day
Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)
No. 333 Shanghai Songze Avenue
Official support: Ministry of housing and urban and rural construction of the people's Republic of China
Organizer: Holland Amsterdam RAI International Exhibition Center, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, Exhibition Co. Ltd.
Co organized by the Shanghai Institute of building water supply and drainage professional committee Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society Fluid Engineering Professional Committee Chinese Architectural Culture Center
Current exhibition planning
2015 FlowEx China Shanghai international pump valve exhibition the exhibition area of 50000 square meters, 800 strength development of business, scale of 40000 professional visitors for enterprises to create effective direct the best trading platform.
Exhibition range:
Piston pumps, piston pumps, diaphragm pump lobed element pump gear pump screw pump sliding vane pump rotor pump shaft pump vortex pump mixed flow pump flow jet pumping liquid pump chemical pump pump sanitary pump fire pump vacuum ga air conditioning pump sewage pump sprinkler pump metering pump emulsion pump dosing pump corrosion resistant pumps (special) centrifugal pump
Valve and actuator
Gate valve butterfly valve ball valve valve control valve cut-off valve, throttle valve, instrument valve column match valve diaphragm valve plug valve back to the valve pressure reducing valve safety valve drain valve of the pneumatic actuator electric actuator machine manually executing machine pine pine hydraulic actuators song of the regulating valve drain valve solenoid valve air filter
Pipe / connector / plastic
Plastic pipe corrugated pipe pipe pipe joint pipe tube heat pipe joint hose pipe elbow pipe elbow pipe four through three pipe flange pipe machinery
Valve accessory products
Sealing motor adhesive spectrometer coating pump shell welding liner without negative pressure water supply numerical control machine tool
Engineering and services
Engineering management engineering design engineering construction engineering budget service outsourcing equipment installation equipment maintenance product certification
Compressor and fan
Reciprocating compressor rotary compressor axial compressor compressor screw compressor turbo fan with turbine type fan
General configuration: RMB 120 yuan / meter 2; O luxury configuration: RMB 360 yuan / meter 2; O premium configuration: RMB 600 yuan / meter 2
Standard booth configurations include: lintel board, three panels, consulting Table 1, folding chairs 2, spotlight 2, socket 1, 1 waste basket, full carpeting
Heri Exhibition
Shanghai heri Exhibition Co., Ltd. CHC Expo is the Amsterdam RAI International Convention and Exhibition Center in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) exclusive representative offices. CHC Expo is Amsterdam, the Netherlands international water treatment exhibition in China Exhibition Aquatech China project sponsor, the team has a solid professional experience and resources, and use the original user resource, association of Internet and media platform carefully built water industry B2B platform
Exhibitors please contact: welcome to inquire and obtain the relevant exhibition details
CHC EXPO---, Shanghai Exhibition Co. Ltd. do water!
Your exclusive exhibitors contact
Address /ADD: Minhang District City, Shanghai and business building
Your exclusive exhibitor contact: if the line was busy please dial mobile phone or QQ.MSN online contact
Address /ADD: Minhang District City, Shanghai and business building
If the line was busy please dial mobile phone or QQ.MSN online contact
Phone /TEL:0086-21-34090058
Mobile /phone:13641602917 13482463392
Fax /FAX:0086-21-34090058 to 801
Contact: Zhao Li little sister
Customer service QQ online: 1181579558 / 1664306136
E-mail contact:
MSN contact:

Contacts:Zhao Li
QQ: 1181579558,562723562
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