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2015 The 17th China International Industry Fair CNC machine tools Metalworking Exhibition

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Exhibition Dates 2015-11-03 to 2015-11-07
Exhibition city shanghai
Exhibition address Shanghai Hongqiao Road 333 * Song-taek
Venue National Exhibition Center (Shanghai)
Hoster National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Science and
Show Description
2015 The 17th China International Industry Fair CNC machine tools Metalworking Exhibition     International event Machine tools, metal plates and tubes, mold manufacturing and tools Time: 3-7 November 2015 Location: National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) "Shanghai Hongqiao · Song Ze Road 333" Area: 60,000 square meters Sponsor: National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China CCPIT, Shanghai Municipal People's Government Organizer: Shanghai East-Health International Trade in Services (Group) Co., Ltd.   The 17th China International Industry Fair CNC machine tools and metalworking exhibition (MWCS) will move to the new completed in November 2015 3-7 National Convention Center (Shanghai) was held. 17 years MWCS been insisting to provide more market opportunities and professional services for exhibitors, in 2015 we will be at a higher starting point for exhibitors and exhibition visitors to bring a new experience.    Currently MWCS with exhibition scale, extensive industry 60000 level participation, 30% of the level of an international machine tool exhibition one of China's most influential. It has become a foreign machine tool enterprises a wide range of exchanges and cooperation in an important platform for the display, as an important guiding tool carrier technology, leading the development of the industry. 2015 Once again, we brought together more than 600 companies from over 20 countries around the world participating, for the more than 120,000 professionals in today's metal processing industry showcase the latest equipment and advanced technology.   Exhibits: n Metal Cutting Machine Metal machining centers, milling machines, lathes and automatic lathes, drilling, boring, sawing and metal-cutting machine tools, system tooth machine tools, combined machine tools and combinations of parts, machining center machine tool, drilling and tapping machines, manufacturing cells / systems and automation equipment, tools, grinding, grinding, polishing machine superfinisher. n metal forming machine tools Sheet metal cutting machine tools and machining centers, sheet, plate, extrusions shears, pipe material spinning machine, plate bending bar, pipe bending machine, straightening machine, wire forming machine, punching, stamping machines, nibbling outline, various presses, laser cutting machines. n special machine tools, numerical control systems, digital devices and electrical machines, machine parts and auxiliary equipment, abrasives, cutting tools, fixtures and related products, test and measurement equipment. Well-known exhibitors: Metal cutting: Yamazaki Mazak, Haas, Spinner, Mikron, Shenyang, Dalian, QI, Qin Chuan, heavy weapons, tripod, on board a North Hanchuan, Al Qaeda, spark, Jiande, on one aircraft, Taichung, Li Yang, the Far East, Kuyper, and other new Best Forming: Trumpf, Amada, Salvagnini, Ai Weidi, unity Purui Ma, Mitsubishi, Bystronic, rofin, Maige Fei, Murata, Han Guang, coherent, mustached Dan, one hundred grams, Tailift, Fat Kee Liang, Yang Li Yawei, Jinfangyuan, laborers, Chutian, Han, Zimmer, Dragon, Jin Yun, etc. Other: Flow waterjets, earth waterjet, waterjet Alto blessing, a lot of electronics, lion Mai, OMAX, Hager, Aku, Orly good, YG-1, Taegu, OSG, Nagoya, Brisbane, seven Chun , Schenck, Senator, of Germany, Yixin, Renault, Balluff, Staubli like.   Application Procedures: 1, fill out and submit the application form 2, with the organizers to confirm the booth and fees 3, signed a formal contract and pay exhibitors booth fee in accordance with the terms of the contract 4, before the completion of exhibition preparation, smooth participation ** Booth arrangement in accordance with the "first come, first arrangement" principle   Show Date: Move: Year 2015 10 31 - November 2 Conduct: Year 2015 11 3 - 7 Dismantling: November 8, 2015   Shanghai East-Health International Trade in Services (Group) Co., Ltd. Second China International Industry Fair Ministry of CNC machine tools and metalworking exhibition business: Address: 13th Floor, No. 757, Guangfu Road, Shanghai Minmetals Building: 200,070 Contact: Mr. Pan Hui 18,321,413,574 18,979,034,246 Phone: 021-54380853 / 54380572 Fax: 021-54381023 E-mail: Business QQ: 2026639410
Contacts:Pan Hui
QQ: 2026639410
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