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Tehran International Industry Fair

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Exhibition Dates 2015-10-01 to 2015-10-03
Exhibition city Asia - Iran - Tehran
Exhibition address Istanbul Show
Venue Istanbul Show
Hoster Iran International Exhibition Company
Show Description
Exhibits Machinery and vehicle exhibition: construction machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, industrial machine tools, general machinery, rubber machinery, plastic processing machinery, packaging machinery, transmission equipment, electrical power equipment, precision machinery, casting pressure machinery and accessories, stamping machinery, Business cars, sport utility vehicles, heavy truck, truck, bus, agricultural vehicles, auto parts and engines; Building materials and home appliances exhibition: all types of building construction, building materials, lighting, appliances and lighting, bathroom and kitchen, windows paint, tiles, refrigerators, air conditioning, television and the like; Hardware electronics exhibition: iron and steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, transmission equipment, auxiliary tools, pneumatic tools, household hardware, elevator, wire and cable, electronic instrumentation, oil drilling tools and equipment; Chemical and medical equipment: rubber, chemical products, pharmaceutical and chemical, pharmaceutical raw materials and hospital equipment. Show Information "Tehran International Industry Fair TIIE" held annually, is the Iranian government will hold years of leading international trade fair is divided into industry-specific professional exposition, organized by Iran International Exhibition Company of Iran belongs to the Ministry of Commerce. It has been the formation of large-scale, international exhibitors from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries, large-scale exhibition, exhibitors, a wide range of exhibits, the market demand. An exhibition area of ​​43,500 square meters. A total of 738 companies participated in the exhibition. Six countries participating in the name of the country. 24 countries acting on behalf of the exhibitors. Visit personnel mainly Iranian businessmen, as well as the Middle East and West Asia businessman.      Market Background: Iran's rich oil and gas resources, industrial range, but it is still very weak economies of scale, most of the mechanical equipment and spare parts imported. According to the World Industrial Exhibition Association statistics, in 2007 the largest number of exhibition Iran in the Middle East, the largest national scale. In recent years, Iran's growing purchasing power of residents, increasing consumer enthusiasm, the overall economic development in good shape. IMF believes that the international oil prices continued to rise so that the economic outlook is favorable Iran. Iran is the market diversification strategy and key areas of strategy of going out, but also an important country in the Middle East, trade and economic partner. Iraq a lot of infrastructure greatly boosting exports to Iraq I related engineering machinery and complete sets of equipment, Iraq has become one of the major markets overseas project contracting and I export of electromechanical products. Chinese goods of high quality suitable price, with a high degree of recognition in the Iranian market, the market share increase year by year, in 2007 China has become Iran's third largest import trading partner.
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