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2015 India International pumps, valves, compressors exhibition

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Exhibition Dates 2015-09-13 to 2015-09-15
Exhibition city Mumbai, India
Exhibition address Mumbai, India International pumps, valves, compressors exhibition
Venue Mumbai, India International pumps, valves, compressors exhibition
Hoster Distributed in China: Guangzhou Yi Bo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Show Description
2015 India International pumps, valves, compressors exhibition Time: September 13-15 Location: Mumbai, India Show Information 2015 India International pumps, valves, compressors exhibitions in India and South Asia, the largest radiation area of ​​pumps, valves, compressors Industry Exhibition, organized by the Department by the Indian industry. The exhibition water treatment, oil and gas development and benchmark the environmental protection industry, create more opportunities for contact with potential partners across the globe, with more than 500 companies from Germany, USA, China, India, Singapore and other countries and regions participating It is the best platform for domestic and foreign government departments, trade associations, excellent industry, research institutions, leaders of industry investment and financing institutions to communicate with more than 12,000 buyers from environmental protection, oil and gas, chemicals, water treatment and other industries to visit exhibition, is Chinese enterprises to explore market in India and South Asia will participate in the exhibition, it is an effective way to focus directly to senior policymakers. Market analysis India's pumps, valves market is mainly driven by the process industries, we are facing multiple pressures, improve energy management, compliance with standards and regulations, streamline production processes and reduce costs. In 2011, economic instability and exchange rate volatility creates uncertainty, though, but the market is still growing. India's domestic demand market to promote the rapid development of industrialization and economic growth.  According to ARC analysis, India's pumps, valves market compound annual growth rate in 2016 will exceed 7.5%. Process industries, such as chemicals, oil and gas, power, water treatment and other widely used starting valve, the continuous development of these industries in India, promoted the growth of the valve market. A global supplier of not only the Indian market is a pump, valve needs to attract more attention to the advantages of the Indian presence in India is not only a good market demand as the center, it is a good manufacturing base to meet the region's growing market . Vendors should know subdivision and the latest developments in the market, combined with the overall objective to seize new business opportunities and develop its growth strategy. Exhibits Various pumps: Centrifugal water pump (boiler feed pumps, heat pumps, hot water pumps, condensate pumps, dredging pumps); chemical pumps, corrosion resistant pumps; petrochemical pumps (process pumps, centrifugal pumps); well pump, submersible pumps ( deep well pump, submersible pumps, submersible sewage pumps, corrosion resistant submersible pumps); Francis pump (mixed flow pumps), pump, vortex pump; pipeline pump, pump, liquid pumps; fire pump, air conditioning pumps, marine pumps, Food pumps; magnetic pumps, shielding pump; impurities pump (water pumps, sewage pumps, non-clog pump, slurry pump, mud, sand pump, trash pump, pulp pump); a vacuum pump (water ring vacuum pump, reciprocating pumps, Roots pumps); reciprocating pump; rotary pump; metering pumps, pressure pumps Compressor: Gas (natural gas) compressors and equipment tools, oil production and refining compressors and equipment, metallurgical industry compression equipment, polymeric materials production and paper industry compression equipment, fertilizer production compression equipment, mining equipment with compression, cooling and the air conditioning compressor equipment; compression technology, pneumatic tools; auxiliary equipment, automation systems and maintenance of test equipment, and science and other gases; Valves: Industrial pipeline valves: Energy valves, cryogenic valves, oil, gas valves, chemical valves, valves for water supply and wastewater treatment, large-scale projects valves, metallurgical valves, marine valves, paper and pulp production class Valves drive gears, valves and gaskets India signed; domestic valve: Public Utilities valves, sanitary valves and other household valves, valves for domestic water supply and sewerage, heating, ventilation and refrigeration and air conditioning valves, laboratory and medical valves, agricultural production valves are, and accessories; engineering and construction valves: Building (House of) the water supply valve, building heating, ventilation and refrigeration and air conditioning valves, internal gas circulation valves, fire safety valves, various containers, barrels with valves; Flange and sealing products: Various flange, various industrial seal products Distributed in China: Bo Yi Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd. Address: Xingang East Road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, No. 1022 Poly World Trade Center, Block E, Room 3308-3309 (Zip code: 510308) Project Leader: Miss Zhu Mobile: 13580421032 Tel: 020-66319000 Fax: 020-66319000 QQ: 2053175538 E-mail:
Contacts:Miss Zhu
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