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2015 North 13th China International Exhibition water pipe valve

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Exhibition Dates 2015-08-13 to 2015-08-15
Exhibition city Qingdao
Exhibition address Qingdao International Convention Center (9 Miaoling Road)
Venue Qingdao International Convention Center (9 Miaoling Road)
Hoster Asia fluid machinery exhibition network
Show Description
2015 North 13th China International Exhibition water pipe valve Date: August 2015 13-15 Venue: Qingdao International Convention Center (9 Miaoling Road)   First, the brand casting Brand casting more than ten years, has been providing a broad platform to enhance the market competitiveness of the water treatment industry, is to create a "North second water industry event", recognized as the "largest scale in Shandong Province, the best, the oldest event." 2015 Exhibition Scale: expected to show an area of ​​25,000㎡, 750 standard booths, professional audience of 26,000 people. Second, the previous Review The last show attracted nearly 400 water purification equipment from home and abroad, sewage treatment, filtration equipment, piping fluid industry well-known brand manufacturers to be exhibition area of ​​over 10,000 square meters, attracted a total of three days of nearly 15,000 audience to visit purchase, exhibitors, visitors sampled satisfaction have reached more than 85%; Nature of business by viewers: 1 Building / Construction Company 7.12% 2 Research and Design (hospital) institutions 4.09% 3 water companies / sewage plant 15.70% 4 water treatment engineering company 7.61% 5 agents and traders / distributors 17.19% 6 Paper / printing / Pharmaceuticals / Food 13.13% 7 Chemicals / Plating / electronic 14.36% 8 oil / Steel / electricity / mechanical industry 15.95% 9 Construction / hotel / institutions 4.85% Three, six characteristics Features 1: There will be more than 500 exhibitors, 26,000 square meters of exhibition area hit a record high; Features 2: the elite team, professional operation! Use powerful database information and industry resources to cope with a wide range of extension services; Features 3: professional buyers, a huge lineup! We will focus on inviting domestic and foreign 37 countries and regions 20,000 professional visitors; 4:37 square characteristic data accumulation, more than 90% accuracy rate, locking in the industry 10,000 key buyers, portrait invite; Features 5: authoritative media, heavy promotion! Joint industry 78 well-known professional, mass media timely follow-up reports on the show! Features 6: ad hoc free coffee lounge area, e-mail district of signing the scene to provide all facilities;   Scope of Exhibits: ◇ Water Treatment: UV technology, separation technology, reverse osmosis, activated carbon, membrane, filtration equipment, chemical treatment, biological treatment, wastewater treatment, desalination equipment, sludge treatment, pressure vessel / centrifuge ◇ end purification systems: drinking fountains and water coolers, water filters, bottled water equipment ◇ transportation and storage: pumps, piping, valves, transmission and distribution systems, drainage facilities, containers and silos ◇ process control technology and process automation: automation systems, computer simulation systems, data logging, instrumentation, management / control mode, metering devices, process control equipment ◇ research and consulting institutions: consulting and design agencies, branches, certification / testing services, education, research, consulting ◇ Water and national pavilions: wholesalers, purification equipment, water supply and water management   -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Asia fluid machinery exhibition network to provide you with the latest industry Exhibition Publisher: Asia Exhibition Network Tel: 0592-5655255 Fax: 0592-5656722 Address: Xiamen Yuehua Road, Huli District on the 4th Floor, 401 Aviation Catic Cage Standard booth (9 square meters): RMB 7800 rmb interior space (36 m from): RMB 800 yuan / Standard booth includes: three sides or both sides of panels, table, two chairs, fascia with company name, 220V 500W power outlet, basket, Exhibitor List, venue security, the venue clean; Proceedings and Related Ads: Ad sizes fees Cover: 210x130mm 20000 rmb Back cover: 210x130mm 15000 rmb Closed two: 210x130mm 12000 rmb Seal three: 210x130mm 10000 rmb Title page: 210x130mm 5000 rmb Ordinary color plate: 210x130mm 3500 rmb Black and white ads: 210x130mm 2000 rmb Text description: 210x130mm 800 rmb Arched door: 18m (a) 5000 yuan Balloons banners: 0.9x12m (a) 5000 yuan Exhibitors card: 78x105mm 8000 rmb Visit to permit: 78x105mm 20000 rmb Outdoor advertising: 10x5m (a) 20,000 yuan Seminars / Lectures: 70-120 people (field) 5000 yuan Bag Advertising: 280x380mm 10000 million (2 one thousand)   Tickets Advertising: 210x90mm 20000 million (40000)
Contacts:Mr Zhu
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