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2015 Asian International Bearing Industry Fair

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Exhibition Dates 2015-08-06 to 2015-08-08
Exhibition city Peking
Exhibition address Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Old Library)
Venue Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Old Library)
Hoster German Machinery Industry Federation
Official Website http://http: //
Show Description
Show Review: Since after the 2009 Asian International Bearing Industry Fair "was successfully held in 2015 will celebrate its 6th event in the previous show has many famous enterprises from home and abroad, setting a best record in history; The number of visitors from 2009 . years 21,352 people to 87,648 people in 2014 show high growth once again proved its leading position in the organizing committee of the exhibition Exhibitors renewal survey showed that: 85% of the exhibitors on the exhibition of exhibition the effect satisfied, 89% of exhibitors have expressed interest .75% of the exhibitors in the next exhibition once again think up this other show has more advantages. The exhibition take and industry forums, academic exchanges , product promotion, exhibitions, trade negotiations, procurement, combined form, fully embodies the authority and effectiveness of the show. benefit from the latest technology from around the world, highly commercial value of the customer base and face to face communication and AC, welcomed bearing manufacturers, vendors, research institutions, the majority of users to take part in '2015 International Bearing Exhibition! Sponsored highlights your outstanding - - - Exhibition Invited Exhibitors Sponsorship In the event the investment process, we pay attention to every possible detail to bring business opportunities Multinational brands showcase the achievements of cross-border trade Ø demonstrate the range: 1, bearings and bearing components :( deep groove ball, cylindrical roller, spherical roller, spherical ball, roller, angular contact ball, thrust ball, thrust roller, tapered roller, spherical balls, etc.) various types of bearings, various special standard, special purpose, special materials, special requirements of bearing, bearing rings, ball, shield, seal, cage and other bearing components, various types of shafts, sets, wheels, and Bearing related components, related industrial parts, components. 2, production and processing equipment: Bearings rough production lines, all kinds of presses, cutting machines, precision cold rolling equipment, heat treatment production line, bearing wear super production lines or stand-alone, bearing cleaning assembly line or stand-alone, all kinds of bearings detection equipment, bearings packaging machines and other auxiliary equipment, bearing production testing related equipment, instrument ball, holding various types of bearings and other parts processing equipment and testing instruments. 3, related equipment and accessories: lubricating and rust-proof material, grinding wheels, abrasives, coolants, packaging materials, corrector, stone pen, spindle drive and so on. 4, linear motion systems: linear guides, linear motion drive elements / systems, linear motion systems, electro-mechanical actuator, double movement system. Ø Rules and Regulations: Booth application forms filling, add chapters and mail or scan, fax to the organizing committee. In the application within a week will be exhibiting at booth fee [50% or the full amount] wire transfer to the Organizing Committee. Allocation of booths principle: "first come, first pay, first arrangement" the balance paid in July 1, 2015. Organizers receive the "Application Form" and the booth fee, the invoice and booth confirmation "Exhibitor Manual" be sent to exhibitors. Exhibits on behalf of accommodation and other matters relating to transport, Exhibitor Manual will prevail. Ø Organizing Committee Contact: Address: (100042) Ron Temple Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing 3 Tel: 010-88682585 turn Switchboard Fax: 010-88682585 ext 118 Contact: Wang Jun 13,717,868,848
Contacts:Juan Chen
QQ: 275309647
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