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2015 17th South China Water Show / fluid pump valve conduit exhibition

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Exhibition Dates 2015-07-01 to 2015-07-03
Exhibition city Shenzhen, Guangdong
Exhibition address Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
Venue Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
Hoster Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department of Hannover Milano Fairs (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Show Description
Participate WATER'2015, you will receive: Do not miss the South China water treatment professional exhibition - - 2015 Years Nanshui Singapore exhibition will show solid waste (Waste MET Asia) joined forces to create the world's leading water treatment, pump control valve, solid waste disposal and other environmental pollution cutting-edge technology with the latest event in the field of solutions. direct contact with the international market - in a business atmosphere rich, full of innovative environment, showcase your products and services. Through this unique opportunity, and professional buyers from around the world to expand exchanges, and thus reach new markets. Different industries, different levels of leader, in July 2015 1-3, they will gather for the same purpose in Shenzhen, China! worldwide media attention - Organizers will be professional media worldwide, showcase your products and solutions in your field. The organizers in addition to Dig Deeper: sewage treatment plants, water plants, electroplating electronics, electrical, environmental engineering company, high quality distributors, agents, solar, kitchen, small appliances, refrigerators, washing machines and other industries target professional audience, but also The joint major industry associations and other institutions to vigorously explore new audiences, such as: the real estate industry: residential building water supply, equipment procurement and other aspects of the relevant departments, to warm the industry: sales agents, channels, e-commerce and other relevant departments; and your product positioning in key growth markets in the field of water treatment. Share high-quality professional audience - Singapore Exhibition is solid waste, Singapore's National Environment Agency, Singapore and New Exhibition Investment Co., Ltd. jointly organized by the Singapore Association for solid waste management and recycling, for the first time this year in cooperation with the "South China Water Show", will use the powerful widely publicized professional audience database, the mainstream media at home and abroad, will introduce a number of professional international purchasing groups to visit and purchase such as: representatives of Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other places, the distance of the contact with the exhibitors, for exhibitors to create a brand image, make business partners, seeking the best platform to end customers! expand the domestic market of choice - a huge database support, in line with the international professional audience organization system for your organization precise quality professional audience, effectively help you to further expand domestic and foreign markets, the consolidation of the existing channels to expand market share at the same time, it is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand philosophy, conveyed market confidence, establish a corporate image. unique platform to explore new business opportunities - Participation WATER'2015, you will have the opportunity to explore potential new opportunities, close contact with decision-makers from business, science and the political sphere. Through the improvement of supporting conferences and forums, as well as other special shows to develop and build your own network of relationships. Exhibits: drinking water, water purification technology and equipment: domestic / commercial water purification equipment and facilities, water dispensers, water softeners, coolers, bottled water equipment, sterilization equipment, disinfection equipment, filter / filter, filler, adsorption materials, activated carbon, ion exchange materials, filtration equipment. membrane separation technology and equipment: ion exchange, electrodialysis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, membrane shell, membrane equipment, membrane and so on. sewage / wastewater treatment equipment: grill / mesh / decanter, mixing equipment, solid-liquid separation equipment, sand suction machine, scraper, suction machines, oil and water separation equipment, flotation equipment, electrolysis treatment, aeration equipment, water treatment equipment, ultraviolet, aerobic, anaerobic treatment devices. sludge processing / dewatering materials: blowers, centrifuges, filter, air compressor, dryer, sludge digestion, deep dehydration, sludge reuse, sludge treatment equipment and so on. fluid equipment, pumps, valves: centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, metering pumps, sewage valve, globe valve, throttle valve, instrument valve material filters. drainage pipe: pipe / tube, pipe inspection and rectification, water supply equipment, water equipment, cleaning equipment, lifting equipment, industrial pipe fittings, elbow connectors, seals, quick connectors, pipeline systems, pipe welding, silos and containers. process control technology and process automation: automation systems, computer simulation systems, data logging, instrumentation, management / control mode, metering devices, process control equipment. water treatment chemicals: paper, coagulant, detection agents, dispersing agents, redox agents, ion exchange agents, disinfectants, fungicides, adsorbents, dehydrating agent, water softener, defoamers, inhibitors, slow corrosion inhibitors, cleaning agents, adhesives. services: water supply, water treatment engineering units, consulting and design institutions, branches, certification / testing services, education, research, consulting, etc. Mainstream business and policy makers in southern China business platform: WATER'2015 South China Water Show, a sitting on nearly 20 years of development of the brand cases show, in southern China is the largest and most international, most professional exhibition in the field of water treatment.                                       ore than 4,000 Chinese and foreign brands have exhibitors, famous enterprises gathered in Shenzhen --GE, Dow, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Asahi Kasei, with the minister of environmental protection, Grundfos, Toray, Sumitomo, the United States, Woongjin, dry pass, Patio, Granville Di, Kai-hung, SEKO, Iraq Music, Luo union, SWAN, Fuller, Wing, ITT, Jeil, 3M, Paragon, Angel, Philippines sharp west, three of the letters, Pasifeida, fertile Cedel Watts, Zenit, Speck, KSB, TERAL, macro pump, Asia, the New World, Erie, Universal, Youli, GF, IELTS music, ProMinent, south pumps, Ho-taek, Thermo Fisher Seoul, Titanium Man, IDEX etc ......                              core buyers long-term engagement, audience quality assurance - Shenzhen Water Group, Shenzhen, more than 30 sewage treatment plants, oil, Huiyuan Group, Spring Water, Liede, West Long, Lek Kau, Datansha sewage treatment plant, Zhujiang Beer, Robust, Coca-Cola, the Daya Bay nuclear power, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, Guangzhou Paper, Vinda Paper, Pearl River Power, Guangzhou Environmental Protection Investment Group, Berlin Water Works, the Pearl River Delta around the water plant and other core buyers long-term involvement.
Contacts:Zhu Zhu
QQ: 362502110
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