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2015 China (Shanghai) International Importers bearing and Equipment Exhibition

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Exhibition Dates 2015-05-13 to 2015-06-30
Exhibition city shanghai
Exhibition address Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
Venue Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
Hoster China Association of Machinery Industry Association, China
Show Description
International cooperation:  American Bearing Manufacturers Association of Japan bearing bearings Association of the German Industry Association, Korea Federation of Machinery Industry Invited by: MOS Group Luoyang Bearing Group, one of the Group Ye axis tile Group HCH Bearing Group Fuda Zhejiang rings Seiko Group Dalian Metallurgical Group Corporation Toyo Bearing Company George Schaffer German company's US precision bushings Media Partners: Chinese bearing net every day bearing net bearing net Bai of China Bearing Industry Website Shandong bearing net Chinese auto bearing net bearing House China CNC Machine Tool Network                                                                                   [Show background]     China's largest, most professional bearing exhibition "Shanghai international import and export bearings and equipment exhibition," This exhibition is an annual gathering of the world's leading bearing exhibition, exhibition by the China Association and the China Machinery Industry Association, the World Exhibition in Beijing letter International Exhibition Services Ltd., look forward to your participation! Meanwhile, 2015 China International Bearing Technology Development Forum will be held concurrently at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center on May 13, as the world's largest and most influential international dynamic bearing areas annual event? "science and technology innovation, branding" as its theme, this conference will be "international, professional, international, high-level" meeting request, to Germany, Italy, the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Area South Korea, Japan, Thailand, China Taiwan, Hong Kong and the mainland and other bearing industry giants, China to discuss the exchange, "bearing" development opportunities. To help industry executives a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends in the global bearing industry chain, but also to bearing manufacturers worldwide, related equipment suppliers, aerospace and industrial manufacturers, military manufacturers, automobile manufacturing, engineering equipment manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, engine manufacturers, design and research institutes on behalf of a more profound understanding of China's bearing industry market, thus promoting the development of China's bearing industry.     Bearing exhibition in the Asia-Pacific market has called held in Shanghai, the radiation and the Asia Pacific region buyers, so that exhibitors to develop more effective international market in China and overseas to strengthen contact with the target buyers. Show the world the letters exhibition with rich experience in international exhibition organizations, and government and related associations work closely integrate industry resources bearings, bearing Exhibition 2014 to construct the industry's most professional, high-level exchange platform for the bearing industry with to a more brilliant annual festival.  [Schedule] Registration & Move: 11-12 May 2015 (9: 00-17: 00) Opening: May 13, 2015 (9:30) Exhibition time: 13-15 May 2015 (9: 00-16: 30) Closing Date: May 15, 2015 (14:30)  [select ZCFAIR Advantages] 1, the ideal buyer Keys: Shanghai is one of the world trading city, domestic and foreign buyers group gathered, the show will bring you more than 10 countries and regions, more than 60,000 professionals and buyers. Mainly from the audience: machinery, automotive, electronics, machine tools, petrochemical, power, transportation, metal, metallurgy, aerospace, defense, mining and other industries and fields. 2, in a variety of media to make the exhibition a lot of promotion, will be well-known, authoritative specialized magazines, the Internet, advertisements in newspapers and coverage by mainly: Lubrication, Machine Tool & Hydraulics, Bai union bearing net, the Chinese bearing net, bearing information network China, general machinery, International Machinery Industry Trade Show, mechanical transmission, mechanical transmission and components, power transmission and control technology Chinese network, easy browsing, the Global bearing net, Chinese car bearing net Global bearings Information Center, China Bearing online network, the spider bearings, Global bearing net. 3, printed 150,000 copies Exhibition News and Business invitations, through organized and co-organizer to invite international and domestic manufacturers, agents, vendors and other relevant agencies to negotiate, ordering, visit.   Scope of Exhibits 1, bearings and bearing components exhibition :( groove ball, cylindrical roller, spherical roller, spherical ball, roller, angular contact ball, thrust ball, thrust roller, tapered roller, spherical ball ) all kinds of bearings, all kinds of special standards, special purpose, special materials, special requirements of bearing, bearing rings, ball, shield, seal, cage and other bearing components, various types of shafts, sets, wheels, associated with the bearing components, related industrial parts and components. 2, production and processing equipment exhibition: Bearing rough production lines, all kinds of presses, cutting machines, precision cold rolling equipment, heat treatment production line, bearing wear super production lines or stand-alone, bearing cleaning assembly line or stand-alone, all kinds of bearings detection equipment, Bearing packing machines and other auxiliary equipment, bearing production, testing-related equipment, instruments ball, holding various types of bearings and other parts processing equipment and testing instruments. 3, related equipment and accessories exhibition: lubrication and rust-proof material, grinding wheels, abrasives, coolants, packaging materials, corrector, stone pen, spindle drive and so on. 4, linear motion systems exhibition: linear guides, linear motion drive elements / systems, linear motion systems, electro-mechanical actuator, double movement system. 5 bed auxiliary equipment exhibition: machine tool accessories, CNC systems, pneumatic, hydraulic parts, equipment, lubrication system and coolant system, bearing grease, cleaning agents, lubricants and rust-proof material automatic exchange   [Fees] 1, Standard booth 9m2 (3m × 3m); configuration: exhibition venues, three side panels (high 2.5m), one in English fascia board, a negotiating table, two chairs, carpet, 220V power socket, two shot lights. 2, light ground (not less than 36 m2 minimum); configuration: exhibition venues, security services, public liability insurance, without any facilities The nature of state-owned enterprises Deluxe Standard booth (9m2) International Pavilion Booth / extension 12800 rmb / 9㎡ 15800 rmb / 9㎡ 30000 rmb / 9m2 Raw / extension 1300 rmb / m 1700 rmb / m 2200 rmb / m   [The General Assembly] journal Proceedings and other advertising specifications: 210mm × 140mm. Cover the inside back cover inside front and back covers cross-color page color pages in black and white pages 20000 rmb 12000 rmb 15000 rmb 10000 rmb 8000 rmb 10000 rmb 5000 rmb Visit Volume: 10000 rmb / 3 Ten thousand one too: 20000 rmb / 3 Ten thousand bag: 30000 rmb / 6000 Sling: 50000 rmb / 3 Ten thousand (In other ads available on request)   [Technical seminars, networking dinners and sponsorship] Organizers planned to carry out in 2015 during the exhibition series bearing technology and new product launches, new product promotion, product seminars, exhibitors can obtain sponsorship seminar priority, the company can independently determine the contents of the report, is responsible for providing relevant file, each sponsoring company can customize the number of visitors to invite. Enterprise To arrange such activities, please contact the Organizing Committee to the General Assembly, to arrange a good time. Pay per 10,000 yuan RMB, time is 45 minutes (including the site of various types of facilities, publicity costs, etc.) Networking Dinner; the number is expected to participate feast 800 people, including government officials 20 people, VIP purchasing groups of 200 people, more than 300 exhibitors (special equipment every two representatives, one each standard booth representatives) are invited to the exclusive sponsor of well-known enterprises relevant information please ask the organizing committee. Sponsor a $ 200,000, two sponsored 150,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan three sponsors, details available on request.
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