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2015 First Changzhou Taihu International Machine Tool and Die Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition

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Exhibition Dates 2015-04-09 to 2015-04-12
Exhibition city Changzhou, Jiangsu
Exhibition address Changzhou International Exhibition Center
Venue Changzhou International Exhibition Center
Hoster Jiangsu Machinery Industry Association
Show Description
Taihu Lake in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province Machine Tool Exhibition was founded in 2002, has been successfully held twenty sessions, is in response to customer requirements Taihu Machine Tool Show 2015 to build the market in Changzhou Taihu machine tool exhibition after 10 years of history of precipitation, experience from scratch , small play big, from weak to strong, has become Jiangsu Province in east China high-profile, large-scale, wide radiation, the audience special exhibits together, closing fast industrial equipment class brand show. Changzhou in the beautiful and rich Yangtze River Golden Triangle region, with Shanghai, Nanjing two equidistant across the city, and Suzhou, Wuxi, side by side into the film, form the SXC metropolitan area. Changzhou has a very advantageous geographical conditions and convenient land and sea and air transportation, urban areas north of Yangtze River, south of Taihu Lake, the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, 312 State Road, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Habitat wear. Changzhou owns manufacturers of agricultural machinery, power transmission equipment manufacturing, construction machinery, vehicles and parts manufacturing, new four pillar industries of textile and garment and electronic information equipment manufacturing and software, bio-medicine and fine chemicals, new materials, such as three emerging industries , is the small and medium power diesel engines, electronic information equipment, high-speed locomotives, denim and other products important production base, with regular diesel, Dongfeng, the new Section 3 China Famous Brand, 56 Jiangsu Famous Brand, 78 production scale, market sales, technical level in the same industry among the top five. Changzhou is working hard to accelerate the strategic adjustment of industrial structure, in order to comprehensively promote the construction of a modern manufacturing base. Is an important opening and economically developed areas, along the international transfer of manufacturing and development of strategic opportunities, but also will usher in a new Changzhou greater development. In order to nurture and develop Changzhou International manufacturing base to meet the market demand, we in the April 9, 2015 - One of the professional event held in Changzhou International Exhibition Center on the 12th of the most influential "2015 Changzhou Taihu International Machine Tool and Die Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition will ", the exhibition is expected to four hundred exhibitors, nearly 30,000 square meters, will be the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, India, Thailand, China Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other Fortune 500 companies from elite and overseas professional buyers nearly five million people to visit the festival. Exhibitors range of machine tools: CNC machine tools and machining centers, metal-cutting machine tools, lathes, milling, boring, boring and milling, grinding, drilling, sawing, broaching machine, planer, engraving machine, EDM / WEDM, gear cutting machines, special machine tools; Tool accessories: various types of machine drive and control technology, numerical control systems, electrical machines, cutting tools, cutting tools, fixtures, tooling, measuring meter, abrasives, metal cutting oils, lubricants, hardware and tools, machine tool accessories; robots, automation and control, instrumentation, electronics applications and manufacturing information solutions; Forging Machinery: sheet metal cutting machine tools and laser cutting machines, water jet technology, stamping machines, hydraulic machines, shears, bending machines, coiling machine, bending machine, automatic forging machine, peripheral equipment; Mold manufacturing: mold and mold products, mold standard parts, mold material, mold software; measuring equipment, various types of mold. Exhibit domestic standard booth: 6800 yuan / month Foreign standard booth: $ 1800 / month Domestic Special equipment: 600 yuan / Foreign special equipment: $ 160 / m Booth fee: international standard booths 3 m × 3 m, a total of nine square meters; (including a fascia board, a negotiating table, two chairs, two spotlights) Domestic enterprises: 6800 yuan / 9m2 (Light to 36 ㎡: 600 yuan / square meters) JV: 10,000 yuan / 9 square meter (Light to 36 ㎡: 900 yuan / square meters) Overseas Enterprises: $ 1800 / 9m2 (Light to 36 ㎡: $ 160 / m) Special booths increase of 20% (light to 36 ㎡, 600 yuan / m)
Contacts:Hui Chen
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