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2015 China (Nanjing) International Machine Tool Exhibition

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Exhibition Dates 2015-03-10 to 2015-03-13
Exhibition city nanjing
Exhibition address No. 88 Nanjing Longpan Road
Venue Nanjing International Exhibition Center
Hoster Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Machine Tool Industry Association, the Government Office Exhibition Indust
Show Description
Exhibition Overview "second five" is China's deepening reform and opening up, accelerate the transformation of economic development in the crucial period, is the only way to upgrade the machine tool industry continues to develop, its top priority is to enhance the high-end CNC machine tools market competitiveness. 2013 January-November, the country's machine tool industry's main revenue totaled 807.585 billion yuan, an increase of 13.28%. China remains the world's largest machine tool producer and consumer countries. "China (Nanjing) International Machine Tool Exhibition", after more than ten years of hard work, has become the country's industry very representative and influential professional exhibition, has been the strong support of the relevant authorities and more than 200 professional media and propaganda promotion. The last from the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Italy, China Taiwan, mainland China nearly 500 exhibitors to participate, to be professional buyers and visitors more than 52,000 people, more than 1000 VIP buyers to visit the exhibition, the exhibition turnover of nearly 1 billion. Past-known brands are de Giessen Seiki, Siemens, EMAG, Haas, Hardinge, Doosan, Hyundai Wia, Samsung, Mazak, Okuma, Fanuc, Citizen, Miyano, Tianjin, Sodick, Agie Charmilles, Lai Chi, Cheng Tai, large overseas, de, Shenyang Machine Tool, Dalian Machine Tool, Qinchuan machine tools, Kunming Machine Tool, Yunnan Machine Tool, Baoji loyalty, Guangzhou CNC. "2015 China (Nanjing) International Machine Tool Show," the purpose is to introduce and absorb high technology, research and development of high-tech machine tools to further accelerate the transformation and upgrading of China's machine tool industry for sustainable development.   Exhibitors CNC metal cutting machine tools CNC EDM and laser machining machine tools NC Forging Machinery CNC metal cutting and welding equipment NC mold and plate processing equipment Industrial robots and technology Flexible manufacturing systems and manufacturing systems NC system, servo drive Knives, tools and related products Automation technology and complete sets of equipment and various software Manufacturing Technology Testing instruments, measuring instruments, measuring tools Abrasives, superhard materials, coated abrasives Machine tool accessories, functional components, electrical machines Pneumatic components and devices, digital devices   Exhibit domestic standard booth: 6800 yuan / month Foreign Standard Booth: 8800 yuan / month Domestic Special equipment: 700 yuan / Foreign special equipment: 900 yuan /   Standard Domestic: 6800 yuan / month Joint Ventures / Foreign: 8800 yuan / month Specifications: 3m × 3m = 9 square meters, including three 2.5m high hoarding, a fascia board, table, two chairs, two fluorescent lights, 220V / 5A power socket Net site Domestic: 700 yuan / square meter Joint Ventures / Foreign: 900 yuan / square meter 36 square meters, is only available piece of open space
Contacts:Miss Lu
QQ: 275309647
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