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2015 Thailand valve, Pipeline Exhibition

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Exhibition Dates 2015-06-03 to 2015-06-06
Exhibition city Bangkok
Exhibition address Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center
Venue Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center
Hoster UBM
Show Description
 2015 Thailand valve, Guan Daozhan
Exhibition time: June 2015 10-13 day
Venue: Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center (BITEC)
Exhibition organizers: UBM
The exhibition organizer: Beijing Hong WorldCom International Exhibition Co. Ltd. (exclusive)
Exhibition profile:
PUMPS & ASIA VALVES 2015 Thailand valve, Pipeline Exhibition sponsored by Thailand UBM company, UBM is one of Asia's leading trade fair and exhibition organizers. The last session of the exhibition, were from India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, China, China Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Britain, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Australia and other countries and regions, the delegation of professional audience visit the exhibition, the exhibition respectively, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, the Chinese Pavilion vigorously support, for the success of the show held laid the foundation. 2013, we will continue the advantages of the show, for the development of enterprises and the market to create more opportunities.
The exhibition buyers industries covered by the food and agriculture, petrochemical, construction, environmental protection, water treatment, engineering, electrical and electronics, iron and steel machinery, refrigeration industry, plastic industry, automation components and so on.
In recent years, the quality of China's pump valve continues to upgrade, the impact of the Southeast Asian market is very large, Asia valve exhibition is also the Chinese businessmen to open up the best window in Southeast Asia and the international market. At the same time, the potential of Southeast Asia's industrial market continues to reflect the demand for pump valve products continue to rise, more and more buyers want to face with the majority of manufacturers of high quality and low price to face the face of the negotiations.
Market prospect:
Thailand, with a population of 60000000, is the highest in Southeast Asia, the highest GDP countries. At the same time, for the majority of customers with the already mature domestic industry and public utilities market, but also a unique place of attraction in Thailand. In addition, Thailand as the best portal water, energy, environmental protection in Southeast Asia, but also for the industry to participate in the new company added added value. Bangkok has a high quality of the pavilion facilities and services, and offers visitors a wide variety of travel options, including luxury hotels, restaurants and the city around the city a few hours away from the weekend resort.
Concurrent event: Thailand New Energy Expo and Thailand water show
Range of exhibits:
The valve: ball valve, gate valve, vacuum valve, rotary valve, safety valve, electromagnetic valve, steam valve, drain valve, control valve, oil and natural gas etc.
The pump: water pump, oil pump, chemical pump, vacuum pump, liquid pump, sewage pump, metering pump, sludge pump, pressure pump, mud pump, fire pump, gas pump
] pipeline and hardware: pipe, pipeline, pipe fittings, fittings, casting; electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, fasteners, drive system, power machinery, control system, instrumentation and other
Beijing Hong WorldCom International Exhibition Co. Ltd.
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