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Asian International Gear Wheel Industry Exhibition 2015

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Exhibition Dates 2015-06-09 to 2015-06-11
Exhibition city Shanghai
Exhibition address Shanghai World Expo Exhibition
Venue Shanghai World Expo Exhibition
Hoster Shanghai Tao Feng Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Show Description
Asian International Gear Wheel Industry Exhibition 2015

Cum Shanghai international supply and demand docking

Time between: 2015 06 09-11

Venue: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall (State Road 1099)

Support units: China Machinery Industry Association of China Mechanical Engineering Society

National Energy Bureau of the national machinery spare parts product quality inspection center

International support: Swiss Machinery Manufacturers Association, European Machinery Industry Association

Japan gear Association Belgium fluid drive Association

Italy gear Association, India Gear Manufacture Association

Turkey fluid transmission Association, Spain fluid transmission Association

American Association for the revitalization of industrial technology of the gear industry association of South Korea

Russian gear Association Asia International Trade Promotion Association

Organizer: Chinese international trade Shanghai branch of Pudong China Machinery Manufacturing Equipment Association

Shanghai General Machinery Industry Association, China Electromechanical Product Circulation Association

Co organizer: Russian Federation of mechanical manufacturers, chain industry association, USA

Italy Machinery Industry Association, French Machinery Industry Association

American hydrodynamic Association, British Gear Industry Association

Organizer: Shanghai Guantong exhibition planning Co. Ltd. Shanghai Tao Feng Exhibition Co. Ltd.

Concurrent activities: fifteenth 2015 China (International) motor Expo and Development Forum

2015 international gear drive and equipment (Shanghai) Development Forum

About the exhibition

With the development of economy and science and technology, as the manufacturing industry of machinery parts, it provides the important guarantee for the rapid development of our economy.. The development of the industry drives the demand of power drive market, the variety, quantity and quality of the product have the rapid development. The market itself contains great potential, and the product has a broad space for development.. In the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the international market, the enterprise should absorb new knowledge and technology continuously, adjust the idea of production and marketing, adapt to the current development pattern..

The conference will be to "highlight the brand, pioneering and innovative, pragmatic, strengthen service" exhibition purposes, by virtue of the unique creative, scientific and reasonable integrated communication and excellent service, with new concept for the vast number of exhibitors provide "high standard, high grade, high quality" of the stage show exchanges, create a set of industry's largest, most valuable and most authoritative event.

Source of audience

] invited to industry insiders, organizational and technological exchanges, seminars, enhance exhibition level; and in the exposition site held a "customer purchase negotiation and exchange" for exhibitors to invite customer specified meeting visit, "a" solicitation "special buyers", look like order, for exhibitors obtained competitive advantage, win the initiative in the market; let you satisfied!

] focus on inviting machine tools, automobile manufacturing, iron and steel, metal processing, metal, mold, forging, ship, port machinery, engineering machinery, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, textile, pharmaceutical, elevator, metallurgy, casting, petroleum chemical industry, electric power, aerospace, furniture manufacturing, household appliances, general equipment, import and export trade, design institute and other professional users unit meeting procurement, exchange;

] for exhibitors to actively seek and establish a new agency relationship, enhance brand awareness, improve product visibility and reputation, expand market share, promote the sale of products.

Exhibition highlights

In the same period of colorful activities

Many technical exchanges, economic and trade negotiations, industry forum, product promotion and other wonderful presentation!

By participating in this exhibition - you can

The display of new products and new technologies for the effective platform - first hand information industry

We explore the overseas market - product sales increase

The development of new customers, strengthen interaction with existing customer relationship - related enterprises at home and abroad

Participation range

In all kinds of gear, gear box, gear reducer (device): automobile, motorcycle gear, aviation, marine, energy, chemical, mining, metallurgy, railway, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, machine tools and other special industrial gear and general industrial gear; high precision hard surface gear, small modulus gear, gear, plastic non circular gear synchronizer, gear, spur, helical, bevel gear, worm gear, rack, gear and other accessories; all kinds of gear box (gearbox, gearbox, gearbox); worm gear reducer, cylindrical gear reducer (planet), harmonic drive reducer, reducer, screw lift, precision reducer, planetary cycloid reducer, gear reducer, speed reducer, speed reducer, transmission combination Hardened reducer, helical gear reducer, variator, variable speed machine etc.;

Exergy gear special processing equipment and tool: rolling gear machine, in grinding machine, a grinding machine, grinding tooth machine, milling machine, rub tooth machine, gear shaving machine; NC chamfering machine, gear in thermal processing equipment, both inside and outside the grinder, gear box processing equipment, gear electron beam welding machine, CNC machine tools and machining center etc.; gear special tool: milling cutter, hob, in cutter, broach, chamfering knife, bevel gear cutter and other gear special tool.

Exergy gear measuring technique and instrumentation: gear measuring center, gears, screw threads, splines) measuring instruments, compound gear worm gear tester, laser instrument for measuring dynamic screw, gear, gear) box assembly test bench and drive axle test stand, instrument noise, torsional vibration measuring instrument, universal measuring tools, roundness instrument, measuring length measuring instrument, optical dividing head, roughness instrument, projectors, and trade significantly;

Exergy gear oil: all kinds of gear oil, lubricating oil (grease), gear quenching liquid, cutting oil (liquid), anti rust oil (agent), steel gears, gear heat treatment media, technology and equipment.

Anchovy, chain drive, belt drive: drive chain, starting chain, conveyor chain, special chain, traction chain and mechanical foundation supporting chain; chain wheel, a worm wheel, a chain, slewing bearing, coupling, link, chain transmission parts and equipment; synchronous belt, V belt, flat belt, multi wedge belt, variable speed belt, belt wheel, belt tensioner.

Exergy transmission link: coupling (rigid, winding, security), universal joint, cardan shaft, cam intermittent device, fluid coupling, hydraulic variable giant device, (electromagnetic, friction, MT) clutch, brake and brake system, node expansion, tight sets, tight expansion sleeve, a guide sleeve.

Fusulinid bearing and equipment exhibition area: all kinds of bearings, related parts and components, special machine and auxiliary equipment, bearing processing, inspection, measuring and test equipment, etc.

Charging standard

Standard booth 9 M L (3m * 3M) configuration: exhibition venues, three face panels (2.5m high), Mei card production, a negotiating table, two chairs, nine square carpet, 220V power socket a, 2 spotlights;

2. Light (36 m l rents) configuration: exhibition area, security service, without any facilities, in addition to the cost of building fees, light management fees borne by the enterprises themselves.

Exhibition project

Specifications and requirements

Domestic enterprises

International Enterprise

Standard booth

3m ╳ 3m

10800yuan / A

3000dollars / A

Corner booth

3m ╳ 3m

11800yuan / A

3200dollars / A

Indoor space

More than 36 square meters

1000/m - yuan

300dollars / A

3, the Journal of advertising:

Will help you find the customer after the show! Except during the conference wide send outside, through various channels to send unable to come to visit exhibitions around the professionals, they can use transactions to rapidly locate contacts and services.. The price for:

Cover - $25000 - $20000 - letter letter at the end of two $15000 - $11000 - Page

Three - $10000 - $6000 - color pages Hei Baiye $4000 - $2000 company profile

Exhibitors please contact the Organizing Committee of the general assembly:

Address: Shanghai City Fisheries Road No. 2659 (United International Building) 20 zip code: 201900

Electric words: 86-21-5680 228656802556

Biography: 86-21-5186 2029


Contact: Xu Yang 13601769887

Zip Code:201900
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