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2015 South Africa pump valve, pipe Exhibition (biennial)

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Exhibition Dates 2015-06-07 to 2015-06-09
Exhibition city Beijing
Exhibition address South Africa Johannesburg International Exhibition Center
Venue South Africa Johannesburg International Exhibition Center
Hoster South African Ministry of industry
Official Website
Show Description
Exhibition specific information:
Exhibition Name: 2015 South Africa valve and tube fittings International Exhibition (biennial)
Exhibition time: June 2015 7-9 day
Venue: South Africa Johannesburg
[exhibition profile]:
2015 South Africa valve fittings international exhibition is one of the largest Africa valve fittings exhibition, the exhibition scale is not related to the world's top exhibition match, but its scale and influence in Africa, ranked first in eighth, South Africa has more than 170 valve fittings exhibition exhibitors, attracted Nigeria, Algeria, from South Africa, Sultan, Egypt, Libya and other Africa around the valve, pipe fittings, water conservancy, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and other areas of more than 16000 buyers, traders to this purchase, to discuss cooperation, investment, will become a great trading platform for exhibitors to develop Africa market.
[market introduction]
South Africa is a medium developed country. Its per capita income more than four thousand dollars, its GDP accounted for two third of Africa, drive the African countries economic development as a "locomotive", is South Africa, economic power, its per capita GDP more than 4000 dollars, is the world's five major minerals, eight domestic and agricultural products, ten industrial countries and ten big military exporter. South Africa has the most advanced transport, power, communications and other industrial infrastructure, and its economy has a strong radiation force for the entire southern Africa.
[exhibition] product
Range of exhibits:
All kinds of pumps:
Centrifugal water pump (boiler feedwater pump, hot water pump, cold and hot water circulating pump, condensate pump, drainage pump); chemical pumps, corrosion resistant pumps; petrochemical process pump (pump, centrifugal pump); well pump, submersible pump (pump, submersible pump, submersible pump, submersible corrosion electric pump); mixed flow pump (oblique flow pump), axial flow pump, vortex pump; pipeline pump, self-priming pump, liquid pump, air pump, fire pump; marine pump, magnetic pump, pump food; shield pump; impurity pump (sewage pump, pump, pump, non clogging sewage pump mud pump, pump, pump, pump, impurity pulp); vacuum pump (water ring vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump); reciprocating pumps; rotary pumps; pump metering pump, test;
Valve: ball valve, gate valve, vacuum valve, steam traps, power station valve, solenoid valve, valve, temperature control valve, valve, exhaust valve, sewage valve, etc.
Pipe: pipe, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal pipe, plastic pipe composite pipe pipe raw materials, accessories, accessories, pipe material production, processing, manufacturing machinery, equipment, tools, anti-corrosion, accessories, welding, heat treatment, pipeline measurement, detection equipment, the monitoring instrument, test equipment, R & D and other
Fittings: various joints, elbow, three links, four links, elbow, reducer, flange, pipe cap, head etc..
Processing technology and aid equipment; measurement and control technology; testing engineering; special field; all kinds of pipeline trade
Beijing Exhibition in the Global International Exhibition Co., Ltd as 2015 exhibition in China's agent promotion mechanism, in view of China's valve industry enterprises to develop the international market demand 2015 special to the Organizing Committee for China area exhibition area, booth area particularly tense, with the purpose of the first entry allocated on a first principles for allocating booths to pay.
Chinese organizers:
Beijing China International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Address: Beijing city Chaoyang District South Park mannose No. 25 international exhibition center 10 zip code 100123
Contact: Cao Jiahao 15001357656
Electric words: 010-51654222-807
Biography: 010-51654222-820
Q:2355420226 Q
Mail box:
Network access:


Contacts:Wang Lishun
Zip Code:Cao Jiahao
QQ: 2355420226
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